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Was it any of you guys last night with the Yellow TNT?
I get over to Alton about once a month and this was the first time I`ve seen another TNT there.

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Hi Dave,

just discovered this Forum. That would be mine.
I take it yours is the red one!

What pipe do you have on it?
and where did you get it from?

I go most weeks during summer - am attempting different locations for Wednesdays but I appear to be too much a creature of habit and end up ther mostly.
I head over from Crowthorne - what about you?

Look forward to catching up with you sometime at Alton


added - I have been reading through the Forum now and have found your links to the and websites. Thanks

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The exhaust came from I think I posted the link etc in a previous thread. I go to alton quite frequently and am hoping to go down to Poole next week.
Yours is the first TNT i`ve seen over there.......and there I was thinking I was the only lucky one there!?!?!? I have to say that the TNT is so much more fun than any other bike I`ve ever owned. I laugh & have a stupid grin on my face everytime I ride it:lol
Catch up with you at Alton if you are there next week or Poole if the weather is ok.
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