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I've noticed i have the 6mm(standard) cables to the battery/alternator/starter .I'm thinking this would be a good time to make a new set in 8mm? while i'm waiting for possible parts. I take it it's 3 cables right.I can remove one at a time and copy it ,which may cure the starter problem or help.
Double up the cables from the battery, or change to cables of twice the area, or more.
You should be able to at least halve the length of the cable to the starter, halving it's resistance.
Doing this will make it crank much faster.

Frankly, I'm surprised this hasn't been done to every Tre by now. We've known about the benefit for nigh on 15 years. Benelli is by no means the only manufacturer that has skimped on Cu here. I tripled the size of the cables from battery to the starter of my RXV to change it from a geriatric to a spring chicken.
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