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Called JohnnyO this morning to track down some parts, and learnt that he's a tad indisposed at the moment. His TNT highsided on turn 12 at Phillip Island, and landed on him.
While he didn't sound the cheeriest soul, he is ok, (and that's a relative term) but in hospital, awaiting another operation. Leg and arm pinned, I believe.

I for one, wish him a speedy recovery, and sincerely thank him for even fielding my call! I'm sure he has more important things to worry about.

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Johnny O - OH!

You beat me to it Errol. I just found out this afternoon when I picked up my bike from its 5000k service.

Hope John has a speedy and successful recovery - breaking both legs and an arm is not good.

We have had a spate of 'offs' over here in the last 2 weekends. Three different track/tuning sessions resulted in several high & low sides; including a racer/instructor & two other during the session I attended. Fortunately, a wrist was the only fracture.

Take care out there!

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I wondered why I hadnt heard back from him regarding a email i sent, Was gonna hit up benelli Oz for some promo gear to display at a charity ride we are having here in Perth in October.

Hey Vince, apparently I'm just needing a sticker for the RS, so i may get it back in 3 weeks. Although i reckon I'll still have to give you ten bucks ;)

Its now been 3 months...

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Relocation to SW

Not wishing to detract from Johhny O's plight, but :

Nathan, we will have to knit you a medal & award you oak leaf clusters & diamond studs first class (Australian Division - Order of Benelli) for patience & fortitude.

When are you heading South? It would be nice to have a ride when your RS is on the road again. I am having an identity crisis at present as the sole Tornado on active duty in WA?

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Hey Vince

You tell me mate, then we'll both know :\ , Whos cares, I'm rapidly not.

Until i'm set up in MR you can get me on [email protected] everyone, I'll hopefully be back properly in a week or so.

66 days and counting, well if i could be f*cked anymore.:rolleyes

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Re: JohnnyO


Just thought I would add my well wishes for a speedy recovery to JohnnyO.

I've got to ask, "How's the Benelli"?
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