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Any word on US distributor?

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So now that the '06's are retaining their rear-mounted radiator, I'm back in the market. Anyone have any news on a new US distributor? I would hope that the Chinese would have the cash to settle any remaining court cases and get this thing in gear. The US is a big market - surely they must have a plan?

Has Merloni been booted?

Oh and Roland, maybe you should take down the link on the front page stating that the Russian kid has bought Benelli ;)
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keke..what front page? oh that one! <img border=0 src="" />
So far, it's just Elias at GP Star. I've been riding my Tre for exactly 4 weeks now, 1200 miles and it's just flat-out impressive. Amazing handling, and very confidence-inspiring with how well it's laid out. When I get on it it just feels "right".
No word yet on a real dealership network in the US. They really need to get on the stick and make this happen, there's a huge market here, like you say.
Come across the bay sometime and I'll let you ride it!
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