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Hi all,

Has anyone either:
- tried the Benelli accessory springs?
- added spaces for more preload?

I have done everything as per tech articles, and with the front on full preload its still way too soft - and feels it. Even the back took a lot of preload to get it in a normal range.

REAR: Has 18 threads showing above spring locknut, and setting is:
9mm sag unladed
31mm sag with me on (60 kg). 35mm with a normal person

FRONT: Has full preload and:
30.5 mm unladen sag
43.5 mm laden sag (with my light weight)
This seems huge... not right..

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fork springs

Yeh I cut 25mm off the soft end of the spring and fitted 25mm longer spacers...... perfect for the race track for a 85kg Pro rider.
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