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anyone talk to management at Misano

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Anyone, Anyone???

Hopefully someone had a good whinge, either customers or dealers/ distributors.. Oh hang we are all customers arent we ?;)
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What is the subject?

I spoke several times to the management people at the factory. You can however try speak to yourself in the forest, will help nearly as much.

At my last call, Tuesday last week, the technical manager promised an answer by yesterday - Monday. To my reminder yesterday that I am still waiting for an answer, someone else replied that the funny guy is in the US and then at Intermot in Köln, therefore he would be able to answer after 17th of October only. Now that is an answer.

My question is, who has a good connection to the motor press?
Laurence went to Misano but never really got the chance to bring up the subjects you mentioned ... oh, hold on ... I think he tried but never got anywhere:(
He's going back over this week to have a factory visit and I think he's going to try and mention what we are all feeling here at the moment. Watch this space for when he gets back. It could get verrrrry interesting:b

I managed to talk to a few guys at Misano including Oliver who is the sales director of Benelli, I think there is only 1 guy and then the Chinese above him? He told me that they are trying with limited resources to make the warranty and parts side better and all after sales will improve! hope so >D , The legacy of old Benelli is still around to haunt them which I think the factory and indeed Oliver have no concept of how bad that is:\ They do seam pretty focused on the future which is good but as I pointed out then NEED to tidy up the past/present before moving on. As I've said before In my opinion where Benelli are now to one year ago is a massive step forward we now have common parts available to us which is an improvement on last year:lol however some parts we still have the standard Italian wait>:

Lawrence was out there eating all the cake at Misano so I didn’t think he got time to ask any questions:lol :lol :lol :lol

Johnny O your boss man (Paul) was there did he get any feedback?
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My Boss

Na, Paul's not back from Europe yet. Paul speaks to Oliver every week, so the Misano thing wouldn't change things for us.

I already know the factory are trying to fix things, I keep telling you guys but it won't happen over night.
oh well

all in good time, I picked my bike up the other day, one of the mirror's the mech had forgotten to screw the retaining screw in, imagine my horror, !!, just as well I checked it over before leaving the joint:\ , still hopefully ya get my screen replacement, order, Oh John ,i was thinking of getting the starter drive gear parts ordered in, are they available and how much rrp?
Johnny O, did you race at the TT in 2000/01 on a CBR600? with help from a guy called Mick Lewis?. Just trying to tie up a few loose ends....
Re: My Boss

JohnnyO..............I already know the factory are trying to fix things, I keep telling you guys but it won't happen over night.
This may all be well and good, but with a 2 year warranty that is going to run out in 11 months time, are they going to get things sorted before my warranty runs out?

So many people who have these bikes and have fallen foul of the bad support from the factory are we really expected to trust their claims that it will be sorted.

The current owners need this sorted NOW not in a few years time when it will be of no benefit to them!

I for one was just lucky enough to have been in Germany when all the problems I encountered raised their ugly heads, the support from my dealer over there can only be described as A1! Maybe the Germans have a bit more influence over the factory than our British dealers have. (Mind you, isn't Oliver German?)
Yes,the German Importer has much more clout with the Factory

If you know mainland Europeans, they still have a very personal touch in how they go about doing things.

They tend to work well with face to face meetings and human interaction rather than emails or a sporadic phone call now and then.

Rarely hear of a Benelli Owner in Germany having a gripe now do we:hat
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