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Right lads, I've noticed that there has been a few topics of the ol' knee down and riding positions etc and I can proudly present to you a fantastic opportunity.

Forget the Ron Haslam Track day that everyone has been going on about (I'm not knocking it) but what you want is a day at The California SuperBike School. This is more than a track day, this is a day where you will learn more about bike control than you ever will on any track day. You'll take away more from this school than you ever will anywhere else (even MotoGP riders go there to learn FFS;)).

I have got a ticket for a day at the school valued up to £349.00 and it's up for grabs to the highest bidder. The charity I'd like the money to go to is the one that our dear friend Sharky is involved with (The Ellenor Lions Hospice).
So if the highest bidder is only £10 then you win but I'm hoping that you guys will not be so tight arsed and put in a decent bid in for a fantastic day out and a chance to really learn some bike skills that will set you for life.

I've spoken to the guys at the Superbike School and they are happy to transfer the ticket over to the lucky winner. These guys have tracks all over the place so I'm sure that even our friends down under and in the good ol' US of A and elsewere could be in with a shout!

I've popped a link to the school at the bottom of this page so feel free to have a peek.

So please please please please send me a PM with your bid and you never know .... A day at the California Superbike School could be yours for a bargain. Please check their website for prices as for some tracks you might have to pay a couple of quid more to attend.

Thanks lads and remember ... It's all for a good cause.


Oh, I was tempted to stick it on Ebay but I thought of you lads first .... now wasn't that nice of me:D

Also, I'll be giving away a bullet cam which I got from these people ..... for whoever wins the auction. Might even be able to film yourselves at the track and post it on here:bow:

I'll dig it out of the attic so that I can get the specific model but it's one of the Hi Res ones and just needs a replacement lens but it works just fine and set me back about £140 at the time.

So that's nearly £500 quids worth of stuff for what could be next to bugger all:D
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