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This is my first posting!

I own a standard 2004 tornado 900 in red, but the other day had a spill and kinda messed the left side of me and the bike.

Insurance is deciding if it's my fault, so in the mean time i'm wondering where the best place is to get parts from.

Benelliuk can supply most stuff, but i've heard that some bits like fairings can be got cheaper from europe.

does anyone know more?
I had a left side slide, so need upper and lower plastics, clutch lever, clipon, mirror, etc......

any help would be much appreciated.

Oh......i fractured my arm by the elbow, but stopped more damage to the bike with my body! cheaper that way!!!


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Sorry about your get-off, hope you heal quickly with no complications, unlike myself after the shattered leg :doh:
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