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Benelli and MotoGP

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Could they really be considering entering a team??

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Why would they. It's not 20th century with race on Sunday, sell on Monday...
I cannot see it, although dabbling in Moto 2 to see how the land lies makes more sense
Who`s brave enough to ride it? Will the Z25 be a problem when starting it with rollers...... :love:
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Does the parent company QJ have deep enough pockets, and a benefit to them if they did jump into Motogp? Is benelli a large enough name still to bother not using their own name? I'd been interested to see that. It would likely be years away anyways.
QJ already have rebranded KTM bikes for a Moto3 team. Unclear how the KTM and CFMoto relationship might influence future KTM-QJ growth.
QJ seems aggressive, the mid-2020s will be seen as the time when Chinese motorcycles became mainstream IMO.
However unlikely, it is not inconceivable for QJ to field a Moto2 team, maybe running rebranded MV machines.
MotoGP seems very unlikely unless they rebrand another bike such as KTM or Aprilia.
Thanks for the info. If QJ is supplying KTM or visa versa, would it hurt either company to get that much more exposure? QJ has been going hard the few years, same with CF. Looking forward to some price competition on quality bikes.
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