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I have a few "add ons" for sale to all those with a Tornado (possibly for the TNT) as I don't know what I will be getting next as my Tre was written off.

Benelli Gemel factory alarm complete with alarm unit, mounting plate, two remote controls, instruction book and certificate. This alarm is insurance and Thatcham approved. This alarm is totally undamaged and will plug straight onto the wiring loom on the Tre as there is a connector in place inside the right hand upper fairing. (I am not sure if it fits the TNT)

It cost me £325.00 and I would like £150.00 ****ALARM NOW SOLD****

Also I have a complete set of original "Benelli" carbon fibre kit for the Tre consisting of

Rear hugger
Front mudguard
Left and right heel plates
Chain guard
Wire/brake line guard

The front mudguard has a small crack on the front but this has been bonded and hardly notices. (You would have to run your hand over it to know where it is) Otherwise all the other kit is in perfect condition.

The kit cost me over £500.00 (Except the heel guards which where on the bike when bought.) I would like £200.00 *****ALL CARBON NOW SOLD*****

I have an aluminium exhaust mounting bracket which I had specially made (see old post) including lightweight fasteners for the frame. This is in a matt finish to match the rest of the bike and cost me £40.00. I would like £20.00

Last but not least, I have a workshop manual cd, a owners manual cd, a number of dealer brochures, a specially made "Benelli Tornado" graphic approx 20 x 3cm in two pieces (Green background with silver overlay) plus two "Benelli Sport" stickers, the Official "Tornado Tre" waterproof quick reference guide in English,Italian,German and French. (Not many of these where issued!) I also have my old bikes service/warrenty book. I would like £20.00 for the lot!

All the above prices will need to add postage.

Please Email me at [email protected] or phone me on 07748 646142
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