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As far as I'm concerned, It's a scam. It may have been legit at some point in the past, but my one and only experience with it, in Feb 2022, can be summarised as follows: I ordered something, paid by credit card online, then nothing happened for a long time - no delivery, no reply when I emailed them to enquire about the order. I only got a reply from them when I emailed to cancel the order. Then they claimed they issued a refund but didn't. In the end I had to contact - the company who processes payments for them - in order to get my money back.

I think I was just lucky I managed to get a refund, as appears to work pretty much like paypal - you think you're protected because you use a credit card, but if you read the fine print, if things go wrong, the credit card provider may not rescue you and refund you as you'd expect. In fairness, I didn't contact my credit card provider first, I attempted to contact seller first, that got me nowhere (seller basically lied), then I approached the seller's payment processor, who refunded my payment.

Happy to elaborate on my experience above with a timeline and I've got the emails to back all of the above.

The only good thing about that website is that you can see the parts diagrams and part numbers - that can come handy occasionally.

Hope this helps
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