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Don't be so defensive. It's not so smart when you have an indefensible argument.

I don't want to ruin your experience. I was offering what I hoped would be useful feedback. I've been riding and racing motorcycles for over 50 years. I'm guessing you're a bit younger than that and probably haven't learned the hard way.

Of course I think before I post. If you want an explanation of the thinking behind my comment, here it is:

I've seen too many horrible injuries from motorcycling crashes to consider riding without gloves. Hands are often the first thing to hit the ground when we fall because it's an involuntary reaction for us humans to put our hands out when we fall over. Our brains are wired that way because that's how we learned to protect ourselves when growing up. We learned to do that at walking speed but the reaction is still there if we're heading for the ground at 100kph. I had a friend lose most of the skin off both his hands doing exactly what you were doing in your video - riding in traffic without gloves. Plastic surgeons did their best but he never regained full use of either hand. I don't think a day goes by that he doesn't regret is decision to ride without gloves.

Getting rid of "cliche accidental thoughts" doesn't give you some sort of magical protection against crashing. Positive thinking isn't going to stop someone in a car from knocking you off your bike. I've lived as long as I have as a motorcyclist by recognising the risks and being prepared for them. You can minimise the risk by defensive driving (which you weren't doing - hence my "ride like an idiot" comment) and if things do go wrong, you can minimise the damage by wearing protective clothing.

I don't know why I'm explaining this. It should be self evident.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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