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As I already mentioned, this week there is a test about the Aprilia RSV, Ducati 999, MV Augusta and the Benelli Tornado 1130 in the dutch Motorplus magazine.

The article starts with the fact that italians are differend from the japanese and more exclusive. (no... really, they must be kidding:rollin )

Next is the position of the rider. In all cases it's extreme and the article is positive about the chosen solution of Benelli (radiator in the back)

Starting is still not the Benelli's favourit. It's still tricky to start the Tre because of it's compression. But when the engine is running the sound is superb. it sounds like a bag with screws in a washing machine. And when you twist the gashandle the sound explodes to something very unique:lol :lol

The engine with lots of torque is very nice to drive and on this point the best in the test.

Things that the other bikes do much better are
handling and cornering

number 1 = Aprilia (because it's ride like a jap??:rolleyes ....:lol )
number 2 = Ducati 999S (because its's a ducati:p )
number 3 = MV Agusta (because of it's 4 cilindres very jappie again:(
number 4 = benelli (because the configuration is not a 100%)

I think this test is crapp:rollin

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The test was hold beginning of October in Mugello and first seen it on the German "Motorrad" issued 13.10.2006
The test rider on all four bikes was Juergen Fuchs, a former MotoGP rider and colleague of Rossi & Capirossi back in 1998.

We all know how beautiful our Nelli'S are, let's go to the figures now (please bear in mind this is the 1130 ccm engine on a bike manufactured by virtually the same team for five years now, so plenty of time to get the best out of it until now - situation similar to MV Agusta unfortunately with no similar results)

Race track: Max Points A B D MV

Motor characteristic / Race track 20 16 17 16 19
Shifting 20 8 8 7 8
Stability in curves 20 18 13 19 18
Steering precision 20 19 13 18 17
Handling 2 19 18 17 18
Feedback/Limit situation 10 10 8 10 10
Leaning freedom 10 10 8 10 10
Adjusting options 30 27 20 27 26
Sport position 10 8 6 8 7
Brakes response 30 28 19 29 27
Track times 20 17 15 16 19
Total 200 180 144 175 177

Having the best torque is NOT a miracle with the only motor over 1 liter there. But everything stops here. Don't take it as moanings from me, the reality bites.

Problems occured to Benelli on the test day:

- battery empty after five minutes of photo shooting
- steering damper loosing oil
- the crankshaft cover lost three screws and oil was leaking big time fortunately with no tragic consequences
- the inside front fairing melting from the exhaust heat
- anti-hopping clutch too effective resulting in total absence of the motor brake but fadding away during the test to the point no anti-hopping clutch to the end of the day.

What exactly are the reasons to make you believe that Benelli is improving in any way?

I found the test excellent and if I was in command at Benelli I would have made sure that these tests are followed up and improvements are being made, without missing a single opportunity to face competition on tests or on track.

You can call the Mille R, the 999 and the F4 a lot of names but they are certainly not rice ressembling. If this is the last argument to make Benelli make look good than we must reckon we are in deep poo-poo.

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To sum up the whole test day, I would say that they thought the Benelli was pants. Great looking and sounding bike, but it is pants:( To us, the Joe public however, it seems like a great bike (when it works) and that counts for a lot when you're just out having a blast with your mates. These guys test the bikes on the track which is a whole different kettle of fish .... or is it >D

If a bike can perform well on the track then I think that it's safe to say that it should perform well on the road (touring and comfort put to one side). What is needed here is a long term test and not one that is covered in a day. That way we might just see different results at the end of the day.

I do think that Benelli need to pull their socks up and get something done about the negativity that their bike recieves so that the orders come rolling in for the bikes.

I'm gonna try a little experiment here soon so keep tuned and I'll let you know how I get on;)

Oh, and I ain't telling no one what it is ... and I mean no one:rollin :rollin

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