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I just picked up a new Benelli Tornado TRE LE bike.

Im have short legs ( and a long dick...but thats another story), and I want to lower the bike to get the lowest seat height possible, to help me touch the ground better at stand still on the bike.

My question is how far down can I adjust rear shock ride height....can I adjust it all the way to its shortest adjustment without creating any clearance problems on the bike ( eg the rear hugger hitting the rads...)

The second part of my Inquire is How far can I drop the forks in the triple clamps with out having clearance issues ( ie the front fender hitting the front fairing and/or bottom clamp)....

This is the LE TRE with Ohlins front and rear...

Thanks for any replies....Im hoping there are a few other vertically challenged owners out there that can help me get my bike set up to fit me.........

8o :)

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This has been covered earlier this year. Search for
"Ride Height/Warranty/Carbon"
Not specifically for the LE.
The main issues for the Tre are ground clearance to the pipes and the side stand. The first is solved by due care, the second by angling the side stand further out. Have a look at the previous posts.
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