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Hi well I have got my bike back with the following all done foc under warranty from 3 X cross cycles. Kevin the service manager was very helpful. I did have an MV Augusta Brutale 910 for 3 weeks he he he..

Exhaust valve solenoid replaced ( I know you guys are disconnecting it but the bike seems to be much better now its working)
The Airbox valves were stuck _ new cables fitted_ same note as above
New plugs as two were damaged/faulty
Fans moved to the outside of the rads
New starter motor
New starter motor cable

I took the bike ( now running much cooler and better when hot_ although rough when cold) to California SuperbikeSchool last Monday at Silverstone Stowe circuit for level one training. There were no other Benellis there among the 60 bikes on the various levels.
I used only 1 gear the whole day 3rd from 25mph to 100+mph out dragging a 998 testastretta and r6’s in one gear_ and monstering them out of the corners with the torque. Went around the outside of some of the sports bikes too, had my suspension looked at for free by a pro _ front ok just get the oil changed regularly (2y or so) and the rear pre load was wound up too much, the tweeks resulted in the back end gripping and less chatter under hard acceleration out of bends.
They had a pro photographer there_ wow he made me look like Valentino Rossi_ See the pics.:bow:
I think the TNT surprised everyone even me - it stuck like glue _ I pushed it harder and harder into the corners_ it felt light and agile and had awesome drive out of the corners. California Superbike School RECOMMENDED
I got 18mpg... he he he and toes touched down too_

I know these bike have some faults/flaws but i have to say i still love it_ the engine is AWESOME. I was following my friend on his anorexic cbr600rr and i saw him change down to overtake _ i did also and i reeled him in in each gear till till the rev limiter_ the grunt is great_ I hope to get it power commander'd and my exhaust is due next week so in a month or so i hope some of the fueling can be fine tuned_ I cant wait to ride it home from work again tonight. I have done almost 1500 miles since i got it (i have only actually had it in my possession for about 4 weeks as it was in for warranty work and the starter was out of stock and the factory shuts down for august (as does most manufacturing in italy))





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