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Bike won't start

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Hi I have a bn302 or TNT 300
Out of the blue the bike decided to not start ,all the light are on does the self-diagnostic check everything normal but when I press the switch just not comes out
I changed the spark plugs charged the battery check all fuses nothing happen
Can anyone help
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Does this model have a start safety circuit? Sorry don’t know this bike. But check kill switch, clutch switch, neutral switch, side stand switch. Get a wiring diagram and start checking for voltages on this circuit.
Hopefully someone with experience of this model will come along soon.
Thanks GBo I'm not an expert. Not sure if has a start safety switch,Where I can find the wiring?
Here is a link to tnt300 manual there is a wiring diagram and fault finding guide near the back.

HOW does it not start?
  • Do you have gauge lights when turning on the ignition?
  • Does the fuel pump cycle (make sure kill switch is in run position)?
  • Does the engine spin when you press the start button?
    • If it does, check for spark at the plugs.
      • If no spark, check for power to the coils
      • if there's power, something is preventing the ignition from firing. Could be a sensor, could be a bad pickup. It's time to go through the wiring.
    • If there's spark, the problem is fuel delivery. Probably a bad fuel pump.
    • If it's not a bad fuel pump... check to see that a squirrel has not built a nest in the airbox, completely stopping airflow into the engine. (Hey, it's happened before)
  • If it doesn't spin, first try pulling in the clutch. Does it start now? Either bad diode, bad sidestand switch, or bad gear position sensor.
  • Does it click? Do the gauge lights dim? That indicates a bad battery.
  • If the battery is good... short the terminals on the starter solenoid. If the bike starts right up, you need a new solenoid.
These are the basic troubleshooting steps. Good luck.

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Hi Have you resolved this? because I am having the same issue with tnt 25
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