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:eek: Never thought to put them here so please forgive duplication of post NEW GRIPPY FOOTRESTS in the Tornado Section.
Basically i have pairs of billet alloy pegs for the Tres-really nice to use & get rid of the slippy std ones + dont have that ridiculous ballend that digs in to ur foot.
Listed them on Ebay to make viewing/buying easy.
EBAY ITEM# 220046542448
EBAY SHOP: RoverandAprilia
Cheers folks and have a peek

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Re: reply

AHHHH not sure-if you remove the orig RH peg (easier) it should have a 20.5mm mtg spigot with 2 x flats 5.0mm long x 2.0mm deep machined into the end to produce a 12mmx 16mm lozenge shape to go into the hanger bracket.
If so then they're a yes.
Very interested to confirm this.
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