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Hi All

Just a shortie to ask advice re :
1, Correct way to check oil level ? ( Why I ask is when on my paddock stand it appears low so should it be checked off the stand, with someone holding the bike ! )
2, Want to carry out an oil / filter change .... suggestions on best / correct oil to use & best way to measure out correctly ?
Finally .... when looking at the sight glass with the bike in the correct position, the correct level should be ?????
As you can notice ... not really mechanicly minded so just after some friendly advice please !!!


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Oil level

The oil level should be higher than the lower notch on the sight glass and lower than the higher notch.

Normally it should take nearly 4 ltrs of oil, so virtually the whole contents of the can.

Just make sure you refer to your owners manual for the correct type of oil.

Also visit Engenia's website

For a wealth of information

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