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Well guys wish me luck as I'm booked in with a few mates (well about 30 of us actually ! :D ) for the Black Country Booze 'n' Cruise tour this Sunday !

for those of you who've never been on one of these then this is the quickest way to get sozzled.................. and make yourself really, really ill !

So why am I doing it ? Because it's a good crack with some mates ! Hard core dinking !

The bus picks us up from a local designated point, with a bar full of booze on board ! So then we head off to the Black Country in the heart of England ! ;) stopping off at several Real Ale pubs along the way and usually finishing at Mad O'Rourkes Pie Factory where only the brave would take on one of their meals after a skinful of Real Ale ! ( I usually have a nice Big Sirloin steak with all the trimmings and of course a side salad to go with it to make me feel better for myself that I'm eating something light with low calories ! :rolleyes: )

The first ever Booze 'n' Cruise I went on I over did it and finished off with ******* & Peas ! (For those not in the know overseas, ******* in this country are a kind of meatball covered in gravy, for those of you in the states, it's the same thing but covered in "baby batter" :D ) anyway, I overdid it and puked my guts up all night and was P*ssing out my a*se for a week ! I reckon it was because I didn't have the side salad ! :doh:


mind you, my dear wife wasn't too impressed as she and my sister in law had to help me stagger home, and was even less impressed when the following day she had to wash my trousers only to find still damp (and very smelly !) sick in the turn ups of my trousers ! :eek:

aaaah bless, I remember it well !

roll on sunday ! ;)


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pass the gravy!

Sounds like a bloody good day out Rob :ele:

Is it sign that your getting old when you start drinking real ale's???
I've just got into them myself and went overboard on a sesh up the lakes a few weeks ago, jesus talk about ill, and I had the same toiletry problems myself (talk about brown rain):doh:
mind you I'd do it all again just for scientific purposes of course :D
I mean what effects can 14 pints of various real ale's and then a monster mega mixed grill have on the human body?:rolleyes:

have a good one mate and try not to go too far this time:D
P.S ******* and peas yum yum :)
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