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Good news, chinese technician finally responses to my problem. Now this bn600 are Jakarta ready ;), they remap the ecu, change radiator, fan, cold spark plugs. And now temp is below 100c, we'll unless heavy traffic and in the middle of the day can go up to 102 max.

its did really need a hard and persistence complaints to make them aware hehehe...

so... Now any suggestion to make the bike faster or better

Hey guys, i'm obviously quite late to the conversation, but how do you Re-map the ECU?
and for changing the radiator, is there as certain model that is recommended?
what about fan? what kind of specifications are needed?

I've also found that riding on the highway doesn't present a major problem but sitting in standstill traffic the bike very quickly heats up 109 was the hottest it got before it shut off.
I will be changing to high-performance coolant, and try putting in some cold spark plugs, but i think the real problem is the radiator and fan not being up to spec, and the kick in time for the fan coming in too late.

So, do you guys know the specifications for what i need for the 2012 year model benelli 600?

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