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I am about to do the first oil change at 500 miles on my 05 Tre and I have some questions for the list. First of all, since new my Tre has smoked, especially on start up. I have been told by Ken Zeller that they all do this. He also tells me that the smoking will quit after the motor has broken in. What experiences have you other owners had with this?
Second, does the Tre use a break in oil? If so, it is sinthic or petrolium based oil? Ken told me to use a petrolium based oil for break in, but the manual only lists the 15w50 sinthic. What are you guys using and what can you tell me about this smoking thing?

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Mine quit smoking after a few hundred miles. I've got 960 miles on it now and it's running great. When I did my oil change at 600 miles, I couldn't even get an oil filter (still can't) so I'm using an alternative (see the "Matching Parts" section, there's a thread on oil filters). The filters made for the Mazda 323 are a perfect match. I'm using a Purolator L14612 which fits perfectly. No problems at all. I'd rather use the Benelli oil filter for warranty reasons, but if I can't get one, I'm not going to let the bike sit in the garage for months on end.
As for oil, I used Motul 5100 (synthetic blend) for my first oil change.
Other oil filters that fit the Mazda 323: K&N HP-1008, AC/Delco PF1237, Fram PH6607.

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oil change

Ive done 1400 kilometres on my Rs, I would recommend dropping the oil at 50 kays but i think you guys have already gone past that :lol . I went oil changes at the following kilometres
and will go to 2000 for the next
Never had a benelli filter in it since the first change, running 323 ones due to factory unavailability.
Ive used a full mineral oil until 1200 when i went semi syth. If you want the best oil ive ever used in a bike go with the full synth, Silkolene Pro 4 Plus 10W/ 50W, I was utterly amazed at the improvement it made when i ran it in my VTR 1000F, bike ran quieter, better shifting, cooler etc. that was after using Shell and Motul's top of the range gear. bloody bloody good oil :eek
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