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Brighton rideout

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Hi again, Colin, Sharky and I went for a rideout to the Brighton Burn Up on glorious sunny Sunday. We had to take it a bit easy as Sharky only picked his beautiful red RS up on Saturday and so was running it in.

We took the back roads going there and so missed the majority of the traffic going to Brighton but we hit a huge traffic jam of thousands of bikes and cars as we entered Brighton but arrived safely. Only one minor problem (but I will leave that up to Colin to tell you!):\ otherwise all went well.

It was very busy down on Madeira Drive (a long wide road running along the seafront that was used for quarter mile speed runs.) Heaving with people and mostly Jap bikes, we did not see one other Benelli there which was good as everyone was admiring ours:D I know we all have had problems with our bikes but they did look bloody good parked up together as my piccies show, and they do get loads of admirers and comments!

A nice ride home again mostly traffic free, all tired but happy. All I have to do now is clean all the dead flys that attached themselves to my fairing!

Hopefully we will do it again before the crap weather gets here! Colin, Sharky and Sam, cheers for a great day out, see you soon.

Hope you like the pictures.
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well done for taking some great pictures,had a fantastic day and loved every minute on the tre.......but glad a didnt buy a yellow colin. I will be ringing up TAZ tomorrow to book in first service so hopefully this will tie in with colin going up there to sort his bike out.......hope to see you both up the oakdene on permiting....thanks again for a great day out........saw this and thought of the pair of you.......:rollin :rollin :rollin

Ithink this says it all......oldies but blokes
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sorry, my shark seems to be out of control,how about this......
Yes nice ride Sharky,Lloyd and Sam.
Glad your bike is all ok paul. It looks great, nearly as nice as yellow !!
Sorry for the untimed out of town parking,due to my rs decision to "throw up" some steaming bile !
(that means overheat and blow antifreeze out of expansion)!!
My bike was running a bit hotter than normal on way home,when it was cool I refilled ,only about 200 cc went in.
I then did a little ride and let it tick over, it went just under the red but the fans did not come on !. I let it cool a bit then rode home then when i checked the fans were running at 3/4 in white bit on gauge. So it looks like an intermittant fan problem.
I also see signs of leakage from water pump ! I spoke to Taz and explained all and have booked in wed next week. Taz assured me they will sort out my problems as i let them know it is spoiling what is basically a fantastic bike !
Nice pics Lloyd,Thanks for the test on your RS Paul.:eek >D :rollin
will ring taz tomorrow to try to tie in my service with your appointment........what time are you booked in for?????
I am going wednesday 20th, at 9am there. They have booked all day, but i will probably wait and see what they come up with and then may leave it there ? dont worry or put yourself out as i tried to book for friday to let them look at it, then i thought if you took yours for service sat at least they could see the difference. Chez explained they are booked but said they have other tornados in so they can compare. also he said they are getting used to tornados so hopefully they will sort it! thanks....;)
ps i am taking it up in my van,
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