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Hi Peeps,
Picked up my Benelli TT up on Saturday... wow what a fantastic looking & sounding bike, left the showroom got 2 miles down the road & stalled, couldn't start up again the battery was as dead as a dodo, the salesman hadn't put the charger on so it was in the showroom for a week & half with the alarm on... doh! Mechanic came out & jump started it all was fine then but had to go home and put on charge instead on going on an all day blast... boo whoo....

Went for a blast on Sunday wohaaaaaaaaaaahhhh it was fantastic what a bike, a few hiccups with the battery but once I got going seemed fine & dandy.

Finding it really hard to get into Netural but knew from your threads that would be the case……

Said goodnight to BTT last night & good morning to BTT today... sad I know but can't stop leering at it my Silver & Emerald Green beauty

Still only on 190miles so will no doubt have some more updates once I get a few more miles done…

PS, has anyone replaced the side stand it's right poo?
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