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bye bye tre...

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With much regret I must announce that I've sold my Tre today.

I want to thank all of you for this great community of friendship and support. The new owner of the Tre is a very nice guy... hope he might pop in and say "hi" sometime soon.

Also, wishing the best of luck for our dearest Roland... This is the best forum! I hope my memership status remains active even though I'm Benelliess now.

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.. the question ...

Sans Tre


What would drive someone to do mad things such as this. Crack? Cocaine? Mary-J-wanna? Meth? Toby you must stay on the forum as you have invaluable knowledge and we enjoy your company. 1130 may just be around the corner for you!! :(
Re: Sans Tre

You can't leave Toby:( JR has hit the nail on the head with his post.
It's certainly been noticed that you haven't posted as much over the last months and seeing as this is such a small (but ever growing) community then you really will be missed if you left us all together:(

All we ask buddy is that you pop your head around the door every once in a while to let us all know what you're up to;)

We won't say goodbye just a 'catch ya later' bro|I

All the best Toby

Sorry to hear the you have parted company with your TRE Toby but I know that you have wanted to 'move on' for some time know.

However, I hope you keep visiting this forum from time to time and let us all know how you are doing.

Are you going to keep the Benelli Support Group site up and running as it's a great source for those needing a copy of a manual?

Until the next time, bye for now.

Re: Sans Tre

Toby! Man, I was really hoping you and I could meet up and ride our Tres together after I'm back on the road. Guess that's not to be, sorry to hear you've sold her. But once I'm fully recovered we must get together. I have to pay a visit to the LA area anyway at some point - I'll let you know when (it might be a few months before I can travel).
Is the new owner down in your area?
Take care and don't be a stranger!
Re: Sans Tre

Thanks guys. I know I'll miss the Tre, just like all other bikes I've owned and sold. Believe it or not, I have my eyes set on a Honda Gold Wing... say in about 10 years.

irfuel, I sold the Tre because I know its next owner will enjoy it more than I would... I hate to have it just parked in my garage.

For sure I'll keep the support/download page up. And please feel free to let me know if I could be of any help.

Mark, PLEASE look me up when you're in LA!!!
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