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Due to increasing numbers of us Australian Benelli Owners i feel its my duty to compile a email list of us all. And I think Benelli Oz may be organising a club type thing in the future. NZ people are welcome too,
So far i have
Our new CR owner in Perth (damm lucky)

TnT owner in Adelaide
and the new Tre owner in Melb
the 2 lads who picked up matching Tre's in Melb too
plus lurkers I'm sure

Contact myself at
[email protected]
and I'll bounce everyone a email so people are "aware of each others existance.

John O, do you want a copy for any benelli info drops?
Any idea how many Benelli's are now in Oz?

We can swap get together and tech help with the boys here and contribute to Errol Tech page which Ive found bloody handy.
After all were a growing bunch :D
Go Benelli.

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The list!

Argh don't get a mention on the list?!! I've got a race TnT and a TnT Sport in my garage ;)

I have a list of all owners (initial buyers) of Tornado's & TnT's but I can't give it out without their consent; I have been trying to get around to contacting them all, if you draft something up, I will arrange to have it sent to them all. It's about 90 bikes all up with Tornado & TnT combined.

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Ya big sook

everyone know you >D

90!! Crikey, I'll try to come up with something, I'm heading up to Barrow Island for 10 days on sunday so you may not get anything until then.

Spoilt bugger :lol

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Re: aussie list

HMMM, shame nothing like this can be done in the UK... mind you there would be one less rider out there; Lloyd (sorry!)


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Finally onboard the forum.
I have a red 2004 Benelli Tornado Tre 900 and am available for your email list.
Count me in.
Illene B,

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What about us Brits!


This is a great idea, Roland is there some way of finding out where we all live. IE a list of who, address, type of bike ect. The consent thing would be a problem so how about some type of register that we could voluntarily fill in if we wanted to. That way you would not have to worry about consent as the individual would be compiling thier own information.

I am not talking about inside leg measurements:lol , just info that perhaps members could use to arrange meet ups ect. It might also be useful for pressurising Benelli when a member needs backup for some reason.

I have often wondered how many many people and from what country belong to this forum.

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Re: What about us Brits!

The new forum will have an owner registry. Once registered, you will show up on a world map. Kind of like this:

You will also be able to create photo albums for yourselves.

If you look around this site you will get familiar real quick with what the new benelliforum will look like in terms of features. :)

I will also be creating a few regional forums for you guys so you can talk shop about local meet ups and events.
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