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:rollin HI GUYS-I've been at it again!!!!!
Just finished getting the first batch of carbon fibre exhaust hangers together-£42.50 a pop + P&P (can't be too bad when Akrapovic want nearly twice that & they produce them like rabbits!).
As usual i've listed them on Ebay and....the item number is....(Al-put the JD down & concentrate!)
EBAY ITEM# 220060859894
Thanks in advance-have a look-order now & know you're getting at least one Xmas pressie you'll like.
Cheers, NJ:)

p.s: Before anyone spots it-i had to draw a green washer as they were late in supplying-i promise i've got real ones and that i'll not send you a piece of paper that i've coloured in (badly):eek:

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If you happen to be surfing the forum Laurence-you couldn't poss do the pic hosting/image posting thing for mi hangers that you did for the chainguards could you?
Ta in hope 'n eager anticipation,

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There U go Nigel.......(must remember to give you a crash course on posting Images sometime;)

By the way...where are your indicators? Can I sense a carbon tail tidy being added to your list of goodies sometime soon?


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do these match the benelli factory carbon kit?

I would be interested if they are a match.

please let me know


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HAHA-Re messages

:D LAURENCE: Thanks a bunch for posting the pics-much appreciated. I'm currently using triangular flush led indicators under the tailhump (you can just spot the leading edge on the pic at the end of the fan casing).May well do tailtidy soon but rear huggers are next on the list for the new year. I like my flush mount indics but i suspect some will want to keep the std ones so tailtidy would either have to be in 2 versions or a neat end-cappable type to allow either method hmmm more thoughts.

:p SALOE i just couldn't resist the decal when i found it-love the way the flag goes with the main fairing one & i reckon it diverts attention from the poor fit of the cowl

:confused: TAX TRE: They certainly compliment the factory items-the hanger on the main pic is fitted to my RS with the factory carbon heelplates & hugger-due to being quite thick for the reqd strength & having more laquer coats than factory they look a little darker but good. I have a non-laquered, just polished, version as well but the satin like finish just did not look as integrated with the rest of the bike.
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