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Chain Guide

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Does anyone have a spare swingarm chain guide (i.e. not the guard) for a tornado that they would like to sell? Asking for a friend

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sold ten pieces for 150 each
my question regarding postage was intended to help you to assess the potential number of parts that could be sold in EU (excl UK).
It seems including shipping you will have to ask for 200AUD ~125€

Judging by the lack of response there seems little interest,
Guess you are making this assessment far too early.
As example I'd make a decision only after a trusted source in the community would have tested it for 6 months or so.
Hope that helps.
Mine are all good Errol on the bikes I have got, 2004 Tre and RS and 2008 1130 Tre , all of them were sat in storage until 2009 and 2010, so have not seen a whole lot of daylight. Plus of course I have not done anything like the miles your Tre has done, that is over 93000 miles in our money.
It's quite possible that the "spare" I removed from Buster's stolen bike had been in the sun for many years. Although the slider is in the shade, it may still have been UV affected.
Honestly though, you can't really tell how bad it is until you attempt to remove or install it. Mine looked good everywhere but the bottom leading edge where the chain had been busy, but wasn't.

I've sent the stl file to Joel Hacket of 3DThings in Thurgoona, NSW. He printed twenty or thirty filter frames for the TR650s around the world. We'll see what he has to say.
Just talked to Joel. He's actually printed a chain slider before. Did it in a type of rubber.
He'll look at it this weekend & get back to me.
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Ok. I have commissioned a fresh scan and drawing of the unused one I have, as well as the printing of 4 of the items in an industrial oil resistant nylon. 1 each of these will be sent to Errol and Lawrence for assessment and testing. The original will be sent with the other 2 back to me.
The original will then be vacuum sealed and stored and I will try the printed copies on my bike. The turn around time is around 3 weeks from now. It is however working out to a considerable personal expense. If successful I will then try to get the price down with a group buy order for those interested.
At this stage, in this material it is looking like around $300 AUD + postage if someone wants an individual item.
Watch this thread for updates if interested.
Errol and Lawrence PM your postal addresses if you want and watch your mailbox.
I have printed a similar chain guide for my old tenere, printed itout of ABS and had no issues with wear. Nower days I'd probably print it out of some sort of nylon or PETG, which I know is oil resistant. I'll check the part on the weekend,if I manage to draw it you could just outsource the printing locally, which would get the price down.
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