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I have a Benelli Tornado TRE LE.....

I have heard that some bikes have a problem with the chain rubbing the this true?

What part of the swingarm is damaged by the chain, and how does one keep this from happening?...

Does changing the front and/or rear sprocket size help eliminate the problem??...

Any info in this area would be greatly appreciated. My bike is brand new, and I want to try to ride it a bit this spring, but I dont want to get it damaged either ( by scratching the swingarm)...


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chain rubbing

Was a lot of comments on this subject a year or so ago on this forum - look back through the old posts when you have time.

The chain can rub on the inside of the swing arm about the mid point of the upper chain length (if that makes any sense...). It can also hit the outside of the hole in the swing arm it passes through also on the upper chain length (on it's way to the front sprocket when riding the bike forwards).

If this description is unclear there was a drawing in one of the early postings :x

RS versions have a modified plastic chain guide that not only sits on top of the swing arm between the chain and the swing arm but also extends up the side of the swing arm and stops scratches to the black paint. It doesn't stop it hitting the outside of the return hole though. I don't know if LEs had this, or were the same as the cooking Tre.

This chain guide can be retrofitted to the cooking Tre (it needs a small hole drilling to fit the screws I believe) so I assume it can also be fitted to the LE. Costs a few £s in the UK for the part.

Best preventative solution to the problem discussed on this forum was to be anal about wheel alignment and chain tension. If both of these are spot on the chain won't rub. Fractions out and it can rub.

There was also mention of fitting heavier duty chains also stopping the problem.

Hope this helps.

P.S. A well known ex-importer ran their demos with gaff tape hiding the scratches for some time - you could always try that... :p

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Re: chain rubbing

BoK I remember reading that thread: chain rubbing

Daotoys1 is your TRE LE bought in the states with US homoglation in '05? My was (not a LE though,) and it came already with a chain guard on the swing arm to prevent chain rubbing. Also. do what BoK had suggested... my Tre's rear alignment was off quite a bit upon delivery.

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