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clocks & instruction manual

Hello everbody,

I bought a second hand Tornado Tre just a week ago. It is orignally a UK bike from 2003. It's done now about 5000 kilometers and running well.
The only problem I have is with the clocks. Sometimes when I start the Tre the tacho stays at 3000RPM and the temp gauge isn't moving either. When I shut of the contact the digital dispay keeps showing the speed (=0) on the display and after about 30 seconds the display unit says "select unit". After pushing a few times the selection button the display shows the speed and fuel capacity again. I have to
disconnect the battery to reset the colck unit. Does anyone recognize the problem??

The other question is about the instruction manual.
I haven't got one. Is there somebody who knows where I can find one on the internet or will someone mail me the manual?

Hope to hear soon

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I'm afraid I can't help you on the 'clock' problem but if it's a copy of the Workshop Manual that you were looking for you will find a link to a PDF here:-

Just a thought......... but have you made sure that the wiring connector is fully inserted into the socket on the back of the clocks? It has maybe just worked itself loose and is needing pressed in again to make proper contact.

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thanks laurencewhite for your reaction. I will check the connector and the socket. I hope it is the solution.

I had already downloaded the workshop manual, but I'am looking for the instruction or user manual. I need some additional info about the bike which can't be found in the workshop manual.
For example what is the red light in the tacho for?
How do I install the shocks?
How to remove the saddle?
etc, etc

I own the benelli for 2 weeks now and I never had a bike with so much style and caracter. Till so far: I LOVE HER

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The Red light lights up to indicate a problem with the Oil Pressure, Water Temperature or Battery Voltage. It will also be accompanied with some text in the LED display (i.e. Oil, H2O, BAT) to help indicate the problem.

Basically, If the red light comes on when the engine is running STOP immediately and check it out!!!!

There's a few pages in the User Manual to cover the front and Rear suspension adjustment..... too much to cover here.

To remove the 'saddle':- Insert the key into the lock on the side of the rear panel.
Press down on the rear of the 'saddle' and at the same time turn the key clockwise then lift the 'saddle' and slide it towards the rear of the bike.

It's almost the same procedure to remove the 'Pillion' seat except you turn the key counter clockwise and then slide the 'pillion' seat towards the front of the bike.

If you post your email address on the Forum I'll send you a copy of the User Manual, file size permitting.

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Hello Saloe,

I will be heading to Utrecht next summer and was planning to visit Brabant motors in Grave too as they are a Benelli dealer out there.

May be we can catch up.

Meijn vrouw is Nederlandse.

Glad you are enjoying the is a great bike with some minor idiosyncracies.



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Any Chance fo Copy of owners Handbook Too

Awaiting the arrival of shiny new (and gorgeous) Tornado:D , just trying to do some homework before it arrives. Need to do something cause its the first time I've been without a bike in 22 years and I'm being driven demented. Already have a copy of workshop manual and would greatly appreciate a copy of owners handbook my e-mail is; [email protected] by the way if anyone living in Central Scotland needs a manual for R1 I have one which is looking for a good home (98 -01), unfortunately wife wouldn't let me keep both so R1 has had to go.>:

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It's too Big!!!

Emm....That's the User Manual that I'm referring to.:lol

Tried to email it to the other guy that was looking for a copy then noticed that the PDF file was 38mb.

Where about in central Scotland are you as I could post a copy to you?

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Resetting clocks

Hi Guys,

The problem with resetting clock is that the hold up capacitor will discharge at low volts to try and support the other components including the starter motor!. To stop this you need to put a bigger capacitor across the permanent + and - pins on the connection plug and a diode in line to the permanent + to the plug. I will try this in about 2 weeks and let you know.

Regards Malcolm.8o

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Re: Resetting clocks


I don't know what kind of connector is used. I will found out in a week or 2. (had to go on holiday with wife and kids first)

The links aren't working by the way

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Connector Type

The links worked OK for me but the connector is a different type than those shown.

The plug that is fitted at the end of the wiring loom is rectangular and it had a locking clip on one of the long sides.
There are two rows of 'holes' to accept the 'pins' which protrud from the rear of the instrament panel. The row which is furthest away from the clip has 12 'holes' and there are 8 'holes' on the row nearest the clip, in two banks of 4 on either side.

For those that have a copy of the Workshop Manual there is a drawing of the connector plug on page 319
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