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I am the owner of a benelli tornado tre. Unfortunately I broke down on my way back from a bike trip to Scotland.
The "flywheel" going from the clutch basket to the starter engine is completely destroyed - KJM in Wigan are trying to help me (they have tried for 8 weeks now with no luck) and the warranty ran out in march.
As the factory in Italy is closed down I cannot get my lovely bike up and running again. I would appreciate any help I can get.


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Welcome to the forum. Sorry for the trouble you're having with your bike. I hope that the gusy in the forum can help out. Come on guys, help out a fellow forum member!

Not sure if Ken at Evoluzion in the US can be of any assistance but you can try contacting him at:

<a href="" target="_new"></a>

I hope your problems get sorted out.


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clutch basket

Hey, early Tornado's had a problem with a weak generator/starter drive gear on the back of the clutch basket, they were too thin and would break up, plus if the recall on the generator coupling bolt isn't carried out, the bolt can come loose and cause the teeth on the same gear wear away real fast.

Check with the dealer/importer for your bike to see if your bike was listed to have the clutch basket replaced, all importers (well we were anyway) were given clutch baskets to cover all affected models also check that your generator coupling bolt lock washer has been fitted.

Regards, John
Australian Motorcycle Importers

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No clutch progress

Thanks for helping me,
Unfortunately I am still struggling with KJM in progress - I am not impressed by their service (end og June I ordered my part - no information and no part)
Following my 15th phone call yesterday they agreed to see me today “bring the clutch part so we can locate it”.
.....It's a shame, I am so that I am ready to sell my dream bike.

Not impressed by Benelli!!!!!

Any one else had the same disappointment.........clutch problems or simply spare part "delivery" problems.

The former Benelli fan

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Re: No clutch progress

Hai Tomas,

I've got problaby the same problem with my bike. See my topic "4 weeks after purchasing". My bike run out of warranty at the first of august.

the dealer concluded that the metall parts of the broken clutch are all through the engine and he doesn't now how much damage there is.

He is now contacting the importer in Holland for a hopefully client friendly solution. I keep you posted
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