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Ok, 3 week ago went spark/coil from second cylinder.
I did not got any error message from ECU, but just to be sure, I change the coil too.

Today went coil #3. Error message from ECU (something like that):
"coil #3 malfunction, short circuit to V/bat, owerheated"

WTFH. >:
What kind piece of @#%$ the coils are, or is the problem somewhere else?
I hope to get new one from the dealer ASAP.

W: Pekka

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I have a funny feeling that a coil's went on mine to FiBlues:(
I was speaking to my girlfriend tonight about all of the troubles that I've been having with my Tre and I've come to the conclusion that I'll never buy another one:( Unless Benelli can get their reliability, customer service and warranty issues sorted out then I don't care if I don't get the stares of people anymore .... just give me a friggin bike that works>:


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I am completely with you Bad Al.If I say that I considered buying a BMW you will realise how bad that is. Despite all logic and common sense I still love these bikes though.
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