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Question for you all, as I have plenty of enforced time on my hands I thought I would do some research on what Benelli to buy next and I need some help!

I have been offered a one owner 2003, 03 registered LE with just under 3000 miles on the clock fo the paultry sum of £8500.00 or less. It will come with 1 years dealer warranty and the 3250 mile service done before collection, and comes with all the extra's that the LE was sold with. What should I do?

My options are:-

1) Wait and buy the new 1130 Tornado at £10,000.00 ((*)But still unsure about the warrenty/parts backup.)

2) Buy a standard Tre for less than £6000.00 and put all my carbon bits and alarm on it. (*)

3) Buy the LE for £8500.00 (or possibly less) and put my alarm on it and sell the carbon fibre bits. (*)

What do you guy's think? I have allways lusted over the LE as it has all the exotica I have ever wished for on a bike, and it is in my favorite colour.

Is there any issures with the bike I should be aware of (IE clutch basket ect)

Any help would be greatly appriciated!

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Having both the LE and the standard I can only say they are two different bikes. The new one - 1130 -will not be any better then the old one, they cut on costs and this will be easy to be seen on overall quality, it was of miserable result on their tete-a-tete test this autumn with the Mille Factory, the Duc 999 and the F4.

If I would be you now I would probably buy the LE because this is to be a real collector item and you said it comes with one year warranty - this is important! The dry clutch is never hanging as the wet one, anti-hopping is however working better on the wet clutch. The sound is twice as heavy - is this possible? Yes....

The bike is taller due on its 180/55 high heels and cuts the curves easier, looks is amazing with carbon everywhere and riding position is excellent. No pillion but this is a plus for me :)

If I would have the money before buying all three Benelli's but the knowledge I have now, I wouldn't buy a Benelli unless threaten to death by Russian rackets.

There are many great bikes out there with maybe half of the personality but with decent service and after sales support that I don't find in silver green colours and that you find it counts when in need.

Just my two cents...

The only important thing however is that you are recovering and keeping your passion for the bikes alive.



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I have both as well. For me, riding is about passion. If I wanted something that was just 100 percent reliable I would have puchased a cbr600 and droned around like all the other lemmings. Without hesitation I would buy the LE. My LE has had one fault and it happened one time. It self corrected and has been a peach since. I love the way it handles and the looks are second to none. The sound that it makes is amazing. Even more amazing than my biposto. If you are looking for a good second hand model, 3 cross is selling one. Not sure of its condition but when you call down there speak to Jorrdan and only Jordan. He is, by leaps and bounds, the best salesman in Britain. His after care is superb. That guy has taken care of me far beyond any expectations I would have had. Tell him an American friend of yours named John sent you down and that should really get the ball rolling for you. If all else fails, I have bought many bikes from down there, give me a call and if you wan t that LE let me get a price for you. My email is [email protected]. I am always willing to help any of our Nelli club. I wouldnt count out the 1130. You could always wait and at least check one out before you make a decision. I don't agree that the quality has went down. The 1130 standard engine handed track setup R1s and GSXRs their arses during an endurance race for the first 750 miles-ish. you can search that info out on or i think i still have the article kicking about somewhere. The chinese company infused them with cash and helped them with quality control and taught them production methods. The parts and the bike are still made and assembled at the same plant by the same people. It will take awhile now for the parts coffers to fill back up and for customer service to catch up but, in my opinion, they are on thye way up. You will see more from Benelli. Quote me on that.


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Re: Dilema

I have posted somewhere in here the results Benelli had with the two bikes in the edurance race in Catalunya this sumer. None of them finished the race. Nor did it the only MV Agusta that took part in this competition.

On place ten however Triumph Daytona 675. No further comments needed I hope.

The last test in "Motorrad" concluded for the long awaited Benelli 1130 Tornado in a tete-a-tete with Mille R, Ducati 999 and Agusta F4;
- dead battery after five minutes of photo shooting
- Anti-Hopping Clutch too present in the beginning - resulted in no motor brake at all - but faded to the end of the test to the point where the anti-hopping was not sensed any more.
- motor oil leakage after three screws that fix the crankshaft cover have been lost on track
- steering damper leaking oil ( as a side comment my LE steering damper had a crack in the mounting from new, have been promised replacement yet never happened).
- control lamps blinking all over the test, Christmass tree like
- melted plastic on the front inside fairing from the heat coming from the exhaust galleries
- worst brakes in test
- least adjusting possibilities
- high gas consumption (yet lower tha MV Agusta)-
- last place overall

None of the four bikes above are lemming bikes.

I end saying that I adore the bike as it is, it is a great bike when it works but a majour pain in the bottocks when it doesn't mainly because tax and insurance still has to be paid, let alone the massive depreciation in sale value, not common to any bike I know, well maybe Bimota's.

Criticism is meant to improve things not to destroy them. Blind belief in anything is always leading to massive problems. I haven't seen any response from the Chinese management to any of my escalations. And there were a few. It seems they do not care if they retain customers as long as they can profit on their market, Europe is not meaning anything for the Chinese yet - only image.

Back to the topic, if to choose now from a standard Tre, a new 1130 or an LE given the prices you have, the LE is a good investment and a great ride. Only take it if warranty is provided and you have a dealer you can rely on.

As for me, I bought a RocketIII for a change. I am keeping the Benelli's as I am not willing to sell for pennies but in all honesty I wouldn't buy again if I was to rewind.

There is one bike, 1098 cm3, that is grabing my atention like none of its ancestors...

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Hi Lloyd,
Glad to see your spirits are up & the meds must be good if you're considering another Ben (only joking)
Just to make life more difficult.......
Why not consider an RS? for the extra grand you'd get more bhp/bigger forks/radial brakes/beautiful forged magnesium Marchesinis/trick rear ExtremeTech rear shock/Adjustable ExtremeTech strg damper/carbon frt,rr & heelguards and(in my opinion anyway) nicer clocks with another 500rpm to play with......worth a thought??

Either that or sell everything you own and buy an MV F4 1000R-a trip to Red Dog (who actually know what customer care means) andthat should be the beginning of the end for your licence!

Cheers, NJ:evil

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Thanks for your input guy's. As I mentioned on my last thread, I know that the warrenty/ parts backup has been bad that is why I will be taking this into consideration before buying another.

On saying this, my now totalled Tre only gave me a few minor problems and they where easily fixed by Red Dog. I have not been as unfortunate as some of you guy's.

Njay, I prefer the green bikes, that is why I have not included the RS in my list. No other reason. I could have one painted but the cost would put it in the same bracket as the LE.

Oh the stress!:lol :lol :lol

John I will email you.

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Re: Conundrum!

These bikes are great to ride, have occassional reliability issues which would NOT be so much of an issue if importers, dealers and the factory got their act together and rectified the issue in a timely manner without a customer having to plead, demand, grovel and sue someone.

Each seems to leave it to the others to handle and the customer suffers whilst this merry go round goes around.

I recently (approx 4 weeks ago) ordered a throttle cable through a nominated dealer who was told the item was in stock and was ready to be posted that day.. alas where is it

There seems to be a signficant flaw in the design and that is the concept of " Customer satisfaction" :\

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Re: conundrum!

I would sit on any money you have and spend your free time and many months of recovery looking at all options....I don't see any reason to jump into something now, when your not able to use it, especially with such uncertainty......Benelli's like purchasing risky stock. About the only thing I see from buying another one is that it would make you feel a ton better.....and be nice to fire it up...and drink a few cold ones while staring at it.......Hmmm, on second thought!!!!:rollin

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Thank's John.


Had a call from John on Friday in response to this thread, I would just like to say that it was a pleasure chatting to you John, hope to hear from you again.

Just to let the rest of you know that John is trying to negotiate a deal on my behalf without me having to ask. I could be the owner of an LE in the not too distant future but I will have to find out some facts first. I do not want to jump into something I will regret later but with all this time on my hands .................:rolleyes
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