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I also have a coolant leak on my Tornado, a serious one.
It leaks coolant at the connection of the pipe to the radiator, just above the chain of the bike. When the bike is off and cold you dont notice a thing, but when it is hot the coolant sprays out under pressure (logical), When i stopped i heared "pssssssssssssssssss" and i saw small drops of coolant dripping under the bike, and it was all over the swingarm and mudguard. Apparently quite a lot of it leaked coz i dont see coolant where you can check the amount. Gonna contact the dealer tomorrow, the engine management light has also come on (dunno if it "detects" lack of coolant or anything) so i am not riding even one mile with that bike until it is fixed, they have to come and pick it up. I just hope i didnt overheat the engine :/ (any idea how bad this might be? There still was coolant in the system, otherwise i couldnt have seen it leaking ;) ) According to the temp gauge it wasnt the case, but then again, we all know how accurate that one is. :\ I guess it has something to do with the connection of the hose on the radiator.
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