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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Gentlemen (& Ladies)? for whatever international time zone you are on.

My euphoria at picking the bike up after its first service @ 1000kms was somewhat dampened when I was caught in a monumental (by Perth WA standards) traffic jam for about 20 minutes.
Naturally I was keeping an eye on the temp gauge and yes it went 'ballistic', so I switched the engine off and pulled over. Then I noticed coolant dripping from the right side of the bike. After waiting for the traffic to clear & bike to cool down, gingerly proceeded home without further problems.
Later in the evening, on carefully reading all the Forum discussion threads on coolant problems, it all became clear - the coolant level had been topped up so there was coolant in the expansion tank, which is not in accord with JohnnyO's recommendation.

Today, when I removed the lower right casing I was surprised to see coolant residue all over the right hand side of the engine. From a 'simple sailor's' perspective, what surprised me was the clear plastic expansion tank overflow/drain tube terminating high up in the vicinity of the cylinder head, so any overflow cascades all over the engine.

I would have thought it more appropriate to run it down to the bottom of the fairing in a similar fashion to the 2 small black tubes at the rear end of the lower fairings.

Pardon my ignorance, but are all TRE's like this, have they been modified, or is it worthwhile connecting an extension tube & leading it to the bottom of the fairing and clear of any hot machinery?

The moral of this little anecdote for me is to
a) definitely not become caught in a traffic jam, which with a bit of commonsense & forward planning in Perth is not difficult to do &
b) ensure the expansion tank is empty

Have to close on the POSITIVES though. Called in at my Audi dealership for a coffee this morning, as a few of the staff are keen on bikes. At one stage 5 of them were milling around the bike nodding with much approval.

Took it for a 200km ride to the Perth Hills last Sunday. My first ride outside the metro area - what a blast through the 'twisties'.

At the breakfast stop cafe in Toodyay, even though our group was parked around the corner, about a dozen people went for a gander & on departure it was quite difficult to extract onself from the questions. It certainly causes a stir wherever one goes. Whilst fuelling up yesterday, 2 bikes pulled off the road to have a look & they didn't even want petrol!

On another note, sorry to hear about Big Bad Al's ongoing saga - hope you get it sorted ASAP.

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I wasnt aware of the coolant drain point, mine has dropped no more than 50ml (appearing under the rear of the engine, near where those to drain hoses are), As long as the actual cooling system is bleed properly, and the overflow practically emtpy it will be fine. I had mine on the PSB charity ride last year, hot day 30+ , severe slow sections, the temp gauge was pegged at the max limit, hard up against the stop for over ten minutes, Here's me freaking, eventually get going and get up to 60, temp goes down, arrive at scarborough beach, waiting to park, same situation occurs, pull into bay with temp at max, kill engine, no coolant overflow or anything, eventually the next day I pop the radiator cap and have a look see, needed no more than 50 mls to fil her up

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She's a looker alright

Glad to hear you're enjoying the delights of the Tornado Vincenzo:D You can't help but feel a little 'special' when you know that people are pointing, staring, trying to catch up with you in their car or doing anything else just to see and hear what you have between your legs:eek :lol I used to give the throttle a little more gas than required when overtaking so that the bike gave off that amazing growl. Call it posing if you want but there are some things that you just have to do:smokin

Thanks for the little comment at the end there buddy, I'll make sure that I'll keep you all updated as and when stuff happens;)

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