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G'day all, have just purchased a 03 Tornado Tre, love it but the only problem is after starting it the cooling fans stay on. The gauge reads very low.. lower than you'd expect even with the fans stuck on, the ambient temp gauge on the digital dash meter reads in negative, check engine light is stuck on, disconnect the coolant temp sensor and the fans still stay on, bridge it and they are still on... computer problem I suspect, any thoughts appreciated.. otherwise it is fantastic, just don't want to start replacing things and guessing, as I don't have access to an diagnostic tool.
Thanks, Dave

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judging by the g'day i take it your a aussie??, if you have scored a 03 Tornado isuggest you see that it has the clutch replacement recall done to it ASAP, I'll find the post with the outstanding frame numbers of those aussie bikes. Where are you? Yoyr problem sounds like a dodgy connection, somewhere. once you carry out the bleed on the radiator by fully leaning it over, then repaet on the other side, then topping up the system Ive never had a cooling problem with mine here in Perth, just dont over fill the surge tank, most people think their bikes having a massive overheating problem when it dumps heaps of coolant.

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outstanding bikes that need the clutch replaced

courtesey of John

"Hi Guy's, the following list are the Australian Tornado models that should have their clutch basket replaced or inspected (not all are done yet). I do not know of frame numbers for other countries but if the frame number is ending in a number lower than 497 then I would be checking with my dealer.

17 2009
27 2014
28 2022
33 2014
58 2056
59 2069
61 2081
77 2091
161 2216
213 2251
214 2243
215 2247
220 2248
397 2467
402 2455
403 2451
496 2565
497 2562"

now one less now that Vinces has his in the shop being done

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fullsick, I reckon I've seen your problem on the forum before, and I think it had something to do with the map. Certainly electrical.

What map do you have loaded? - It should be written on the RHS of the ECU. Mine's 6033, which I believe is the latest. It may need to be reloaded.

As an aside,

"the ambient temp gauge on the digital dash meter reads in negative"

This will happen if the respective wire isn't connected at the dash. Which has nothing to do with the fans of course.

If you have a look here you can see what the dash does if you only connect the power wires. Ambient temp is -30C, fuel light on, temp gauge max'd out.

Your engine light is on as well, so it's probably ECU related.

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Re: hello

Thank you for the reply and the "heads up" on the clutch as well as the reply on the model numbers (much appreciated!). I am located in Melbourne, a mate an I bought two 03 Tornados, one red (fan issue bike) and a silver and black one. Did the cooling system bleed (courtesy of the info off this forum!) did a pretty carefull check of all the connections, think I might swap the ECU's between bikes and see what it does..... keep you informed. Thanks once again, it's the only forum I have ever joined as everyone is very very helpfull and the information is great! Dave

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Thanks for the reply, hadn't considered the map... will check the numbers on the ECU and see what we have. We bought two Tornados so I will try a ECU swap to see what we come up with and will post a result. Thanks again! Dave

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Re: new map

Thanks for all the advice fellow Benelli owners. We tried the ECU from one bike in the one with the fan issue.... no change, bit of head scratching and we noticed the loom on the right hand side of the fuel tank had been "tampered with" Pulled the tape back and.. presto, three wires that were cut/severed, twisted together and retaped... some people should NEVER EVER touch exotics! (or anything for that matter) Soldered, heat shrinked and retaped and it's as good as new, temp gauge is spot on, fans cycle when they should. Ambient temperature reading on the dash is still at -22 F, you can disconnect the plug to the sensor and it doesn't change.... causing a few idle problems and not suprising, it runs very rich, suspect something in the cluster? Any thoughts appreciated.

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Cooling fans

Now I might be dumb or just plain stupid, but my parents taught me colours. The ambient sensor wires are black/ black, the two little looms from the dash cluster are black/black or black/red. Same connector. I'd reckon black/black was the way to go. I didn't take a gamble cos they were hooked up that way, but yep, as you can guess or already know, the wires should be black/red from the cluster to black/black on the sensor.
I feel stupid, lost and empty.... but so happy that the Benelli is alive and doing everything it should! Ambient temp gauge reads spot on and the bike runs spot on.

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Re: Cooling fans

You have no reason to feel stupid! Perhaps brilliant for having the wit to try switching the wires! Congrats on getting it all sorted, now you're gonna really love riding that baby!
cheers -

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Re: Cooling fans

Thanks Mark, it would take a huge disaster not to love this bike. Like many posts say, you have to expect a few issues with these bikes. Not detered one little bit!
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