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On a number of my bikes I have put a manual override switch on the bike to be able to turn on the cooling fan(s)for the radiators at my choosing rather than letting them switch on automatically per the thermal sensor...this way I can turn on the fans at a much lower operating temperature and help keep the bike temperature down easier that with the auto switch...also this allows me to control the fans even if the auto sensor switch were to fail....

For Bimota SB8RS bikes (I have 3 of them) have cooling fans that switch on at 105 degrees C....with the override I can turn them on at any temp I want...usually at 90 degrees C....I have found that this allows the bike to run cooler with less aproach to over heating...this also has allowed me to remove 1 of the bikes 3 radiators without having any overheating problems (to reduce weight I run only 2 of the 3 radiators on the bikes....I have never had an over heating problem in over 30,000 miles of use with my Bimotas)...

So my question is ;
Has anyone done this to a Benelli TRE yet....a manual switch to turn on/off the fans???....

This can be done a number of can have both the manual switch and a working auto switch, or you can just rely on the manual switch alone...

thanks for any relpys



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My RS recently overheated and I realised that the fans were not always coming on, even when at red section!
I think I have now found the cause,it was the control wire to the relay not pushed in correctly. It seems ok now. I will fit a switch to connect the switched side of the relay. This way there is no chance of causing a problem on the ecm switch side.
(the ecm outputs to the relay when it senses from the coolant thermistor that fans are required) At least if auto switch fails you will be able to run fans,but it should not really be needed. If you use TUNEBOY the fan parameters can be modified how it suits you .. I have not got one yet though..
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