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Got my Benelli Tornado Tre of the truck from Prestigue Motorcycles in Brisbane.. first site..

WTF are all those "PRESTIGUE Motorcyle" stickers they've put on the bike.. TWO small silver stickons on the rear of the bike, one of each side.. another one on the black part of the fuel tank.

THEN.. just above the Benelli Badge writing on the sign.. in big letters done by a sign writer

"Prestigue Motorcyles"
"Ph : 07 3873 393873"

WTF are they thinking ruinining the bike with all that crap.. I called them, spoke to Tim or Tom and he says "We do that on all the bikes"

So beware.. the retards dont even ask you.

SECOND Problem :

I started the bike, didnt seem to turn over too strong, but then it caught.. drove it for 15 minutes on the way to my booking with VicRoads to have it put over the pits.. needed to stop to check my map for directions.. went to restart the bike.. turns over, didn't catch.. then woh wer werrrr werrrrrrrrr, clocks flicker and then its lights out..

So I give them a call... and say it wont start... "Oh, well.. its been sitting on the floor for a month, battery is probably flat.. "

RETARDS. How the smeg am I supposed to get the bike registered with a flat battery, how am I supposed to get it there~!!!!!!!!!! (not to mention the empty fuel tank...)

What kind of service is this for a 30k bike (I got it for 22k on special, but still). I'll be writing a letter of complaint to the Benelli wholesalers in Australia, as shops like these just destroy a brand..

I wont tell you about the rest of my day from their.. because its too @#%$ to talk about.. Anyways.. needless to say.. its still not registered.. however I did stop by Peter Stevens in Geelong to get a road worthy done for my next visit to VicRoads.. and their Mechanics were as horrified as me by all the stickers and promptly had hairdryers out to get the ****ers off.

They gave me this service for nothing, whilst I'm getting a $60 road worthy with them.. what does that say to you compared to Prestigue Motorcycles in Brisbane.



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The bike is gorgeous (now destickered)
Sounds awesome
Stupid fast (I dont even dare open it up yet)
Feels so light
Suprisingly comfortable.. I did a 2 hour ride on it today, and I'm 6' 2"
Ploddles round town in traffic just dandy

and I even managed to get Neutral to work about 30% of the time ;0

So very happy I got the bike.. VERY unhappy with the dealer.


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Re: PS


I'm glad that you are finally happy with your bike. As for having difficulty with finding neutral, it isn't uncommon for many new bikes to experience this. Gears are new and sharp and don't want to cooperate. I find that if I look for neutral while rolling up to the stop, it's an easy find. With that in mind, I actually found the Benelli tranny to be first rate.



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Here Here

I found the same thing as Joel, catch it on the slow roll out. Glad to hear you are enjoying it. I just got the LE out for a ride as well. Can't say I have ever heard a bike sound so beautiful!!!!

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Re: Here Here

I prepped an LE about a month ago and was really impressed by the sound and feel of that engine. I think it is more different than I had thought it would be and the clutch is a joy to operate.

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