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I know I've read that this happened to someone else, but can't find the thread. Mine broke in 3 places. I think it's too brittle to weld. Anyone had any success fixing this? I'll try Devil themselves, but I remember reading that they'd stopped making them. Also thought of getting one made up from the pattern in mild steel - not so pretty but maybe it will last longer.

PS just fitted Ohlins front and rear - massive improvement. Will post pictures when i get the chance.

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get your local metalwork shop to weld a 2.0mm stainless sheet over the top of the existing bracket long enough to cover the first slot both sides.
the bracket is made of 304 or 316 stainless the problem is the slots have made it to weak at the top, since plating/welding mine about 2 years ago (done about 12000miles on it) I have had no problems If you have real problems post the bracket to me and for £20-00 I will fix it for you and send it back.

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