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Bugger Bugger Bugger Bugger Bugger Bugger Bugger Bugger

Just thought I'd check the torquing of bolts after I got new tyres put in last week

Everything fine until the pinch bolts on the RH fork stanchion

Torque wrench set to 30 Nm as the manual says

Now I'm reasonably competant when it comes to this type of thing ..... done the same thing on many bikes without a problem

Bolts start to tighten alternately

then go loose....

Sickening sinking feeling in my stomach

Pull bolts out

The remanants of the threads coiled round both bolts


I have no proof that the threads may have been dodgy to start with but I suppose there could have been bubbles when they were cast, but I can just imagine what Benelli will say if I go back to them seeking a warranty resolution.

Any known problems like this before???

Any probs like this before???

Can I helicoil them???

Please someone suggest a solution

Can't afford to buy a whole new fork leg

Right going to get pissed after I've got rid of this pukey feeling

No .......... I think I'll go and cry instead

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Sorry to hear of your problem.>: I have replaced my tyres myself with no problems, in fact they were well over the recommended torque!

I would recommend that either you or an engineer helicoil the damaged thread as this will be stronger that the original and cheep to do. There is also no reason why this can't be done in situ as there are no obstructions.

Good luch and hope all goes well.

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Re: Disaster!

Nick dont panic ! have a cup of tea with 3 sugars.
If you can find a local engineer with helicoil experiance i would get him to do it, it wont cost much and if you do it yourself you will have to buy tools anyway.
Just be careful not to drill too far in to blind hole .
like lloyd says,a helicoil insert is stronger.
Sometimes the reason this happens is the bolts react with the alloy and the damage is done when the bolt is undone!
helicoil and a bit of grease will be ok.

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Nick, you can buy helicoil kits for less than £20-00 that will give you ten m4,m5 and m6 inserts plus the relavant taps and drills (cromwell tools,toolmart,ac fixings or find a local industrial fastener company) they all sell kits..... its an easy job fitting a coil just make sure you keep it straight and take your time when inserting. :D

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Right ....slight hang over

Bit calmer now. A friend of a friend does this kind of thing apparently....but being the impatient type I may go and invest in a helicoil kit.

Do I have to get matching threads for the bolts or will a 'standard' helicoil do it....dunno much about them to be honest

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I have converted the original bolts to stainless and I suggest instead of helicoil, use a longer bolt and fit nuts to clamp the front wheel spindle.

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Re: Helicoil

tbtray,nicks bike is a RS so unfortunatly he cant do that,as the radial brake mounts are in the way.
I think the bolts are 4mm with 0.7mm pitch,but check just in case:rollin
ps.,I would use some shiney new stainless bolts and i think the helicoils are stainless.

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Re: Helicoil

Managed to find some other things to dfo this weekend... to avoid the obvious

Will prolly invest in a helicoil set this weeknd and some new stainless bolts

Oohhhhh the fun of being a grown up

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Re: Helicoil

I just thought I would check my bolts and the size is 6mm with 1mm pitch .Mine looked powderery on the threads,I have reinserted with a tad of copperease. :lol
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