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I have started this little thread on the back of what seems to be some concern about what level of service that we Benelli owners seem to be experiencing about the Benelli brand or the dealers who are acting on behalf of the Benelli brand.
Just to clarify, I am not pointing at any dealership in particular, but just your gripe with them or with Benelli directly.
First and foremost (without any arse licking;) ) I would like to thank Roland for getting these forums up and running, which has in return enabled all of us to communicate about the good and bad points of owning this bike. Without his input we would all be looking into space right now wondering were we go to for advice and help. So for that .... thank you Roland
But let's cut to the chase. Are we REALLY happy with our bikes? Have they REALLY performed to our expectations? Have they REALLY lived up to the hype that they have recieved from owners and media reviews alike?
If you had the chance to speak to Benelli directly ..... what would you say? Would it be positive or negative feedback?
So what I am saying is that should you have any comments that you wish to pass on to Benelli (Italy) then drop me a line to the following email addy .... [email protected] and I will compile a letter to them (translated into Italian) airing All of our points.
It goes without saying that this will be in complete confidence and that no names will be passed on to Benelli and dealers alike. Nor will they be available to read on these forums. I will however request that ALL communication be passed on to everyone and not just to me so that nothing is hidden or reconstructed (if that makes sense).
I would also like to point out (if they haven't noticed already) the importance that these forums can and could have to future Benelli owners. Bad press will travel much faster than good press and the sooner that Benelli and their dealers realise that, well the better really isn't it?
So let's give it a go and see where it gets us shall we? No mail will be passed on to Benelli (Italy) until everyone agrees to it and that we're all happy with it.
What do you reckon? Should we give it a go to see what happens?
Let me know either way and I'll see what I can do.


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Re: It had to happen sooner or later I suppose.....

....well done Al for taking the initiative

You may also want to translate the response into Chinese and send it to this guy at :-

Qianjiang Group
Wushan Famous Building,
No.9 Yanan Rd.,
Zip Code:310002
Email:[email protected]

This is Mr Lin Hua Zhong and he is 'President of Benelli' and the Qianjiang Group.

If he can't do anything to help, then nobody can!!!!;)

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benelli lack of support

I am already in communication with Benelli at close to top level. While some things were sorted out - that regarded only papers - the technical local support is close to miserable. I am still waiting for an answer for minor parts that are due for five moths or more now.

I have been charged with 1h45min for replacing the tyres worth of EUR 120 labour only.

I have been charged with 6 hours for taking out two dry clutches and putting them back with no modifications and cleaning the hydraulic circuit of it for one bike.

The bike given back with majour problems but with a 21 labour hours at EUR 69 /hour >:

Instruments display completely fallen for one bike, both bikes will read -30 Celsius, now only one because the other one is complete blank not even RPM or Water temperature indicated, one brand new bike (LE) given back with a faulty Neutral sensor, the bike will only start with side stander up and green N is not working, the same bike is always showing full tank, the steering damper has a crack in the mounting alloy. The motor running too hot, H2O alarmon bord, returned to dealer he raised the shoulders and said no problem to drive since the coolant is not too low!

Provided new locks set but the dealer could not install the seat lock (remember this is an LE, thus a bit different). I could and I am not a tehnical person.

I also have a regular Tre with none of these problems but rather current usual ones - green panels peeling, clutch seem to slip now when accelerating on top revs, the can is smoking at oval joints.

Tried another shop, they insisted that the valves should be checked at 1000 km inspection:lol and gave me a EUR 600 quote for the first inspection on the new LE.

The used bike got the valves adjusted (charged 5 1/2 labour hours) but given back with no word about one of the front Öhlins loosing oil, with dirty, rusty chain, seat lock not mounted, the brake pump hose kicking on the instrument display when steering left, side stander won't come up, the foot pegs also going down only when pushed, etc.

I still love the bikes but added just recently a new triple to the triples family, this time a Rocket. The discussions on their forum make me smile really, they think they have problems:lol

Ah, I forgot to say the bikes were in that shop five months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never received an answer from China, even if I addressed Lin Hua Zhong directly. He has a lady in Pesaro that is not only an interpreter but also seem to be the delegated management person in Europe Mrs. Wang Tao.

Wish you luck with everything that you tackle, I just wrote a message complaining about the fact that I don't have any support nor have I received an answer.

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Re: benelli lack of support

Jeez aquilla,
You have certainly had some problems there mate. You have struck a note there in you post that worries me and that is the lack of feedback that you've had from the factory so far (even at the highest level). Surely this shows a sign of complete and utter disrespect for their customers and of the customer service/quality control that they would like to aim for in the future? Hearing news like this is very worrying and although we do love the Benelli brand it would be nice if the back up was there to support us when things go wrong. Like I've said in my last post ... I won't be buying another Benelli and I would advise anyone else about doing so until they can 'buy with confidence' from a dealer in the future. I find it frustrating that we put up with this when there is no need to. We need to be one voice rather than individuals all shouting the same story hoping that we get heard first.
Maybe a letter to the bike magazines such as Two Wheels, Superbikes, Fast Bikes, Ride and MCN will make the Benelli brand sit up and notice. Let's face it, they have a new model trying to be launched and if they realise that there is a group of disgruntled Benelli owners trying to get a bit of well deserved media attention then that might be just the right thing to do.
It's just a thought but any ideas would be welcome.


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How Do They Survive

Hello Everyone,

First time post, long time lurker. Currently a proud and enthusiastic owner of an MZ 1000S and a Laverda Strike...have been keeping my eye on Benelli's for awhile, assesing how things are going. I have been envisioning one day perhaps having a Benelli in the shed...They are with out a doubt the most beautiful things out there.....preferably one in red and definately "not" one of the 900's trying to be sold here in the US....and I don't see the latest models being offered here and probably won't for a long time...not after seeing all the problems that alot are having...not to mention the 900's: who wants a bike that has been messed with big time just to get it supposedly at an acceptable level of road worthiness...just to sell it as a "new" running bike! The current models for sale here will languish I have a feeling, much like the MZ 1000's, but for entirely different reasons. Being realistic, I've been shooting for 2007 (one would hope that everything by then would be sorted) but I've got to tell you, the way things are going here, they (Benelli as a whole) need to know that they will be losing a large number of possible customers forever, very rapidly, what with this "reality check" forum and all... I thought the Zane Laverda's were bad at the time(1998-2001), but Benelli takes the cake! These problems your having sound hauntingly familiar, but more so. No one in their wildest hallucinations is going to take a chance on one of these bikes the way things are progressing....That's too bad. Such a beautiful machine!They better get on the ball, or it won't be too long before news gets worse, from what I've seen in recent history. I will still be watching, and hoping for that "comeback"....I belong on a bike like these, damn!! I am a fan, don't get me wrong........;)

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Re: benelli lack of support

Al, the first thing must be to find out who we should be writing to....... (after the dealer/importer), from experience I know that mail to a company president/chairman turns to junk mail instantly, but send it to the guy who is paid to keep the customer happy and doesn’t want to lose his job then things start moving. also I'm up for sending in my complaint and constructive criticism and I don’t care if you use my name I think nameless complaints are never so affective but respect other peoples wishes to stay anonymous. Finally I know I keep saying it but the problems some of us are/have experienced are no worse no better than other bike manufacturers it is the lack of customer service that is the real problem here!!! Before we all throw the towel in lets give it one more try and aim our anger as a group………Al if you are willing to spearhead and want help email me [email protected]

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Re: benelli lack of support

To my knowledge the director of the company is named Marconi, previous Technical Director under Andrea Merloni, this Chinese lady seems to concentrate the attention of the Benelli staff as she is the link to president of QJ - Mrs. Wang Tao, Mr. Oliver Glaser is the commercial Director and proved to be of help once he understood the problems, there is another guy I spoke to - Mr. Righi taking care of homologation issues but not only, a lady called Simona Benelli formerly in customer support now in dealer support it seems and the first person I spoke to Lara Camiletti also working in customer support but never actually resoling a problem by herself.

They all have been polite but took an eternity to get the technical sheets needed for homologation. Never got an answer about availabilty or prices about parts I need for my dry clutch.

I have complained about the local dealership to both factory and local importer and never received a statement that answers to the problems listed.

As you probably know there is a large Benelli event on 23-24th of September in Misano, I was thinking of going there and facing these people. I have three Beneli bikes but problems to cover ten bikes. I you want we can meet there, I will try to free some time for it.

Not the problems in themselves are annoying me but this large bird like policy of looking in a different direction adopted by Benelli. Whoever thought that Chinese can improve quality issues might think twice now.

Acting as a group should definitely help, Triumph Rocket owners are acting this way and it seems that Triumph is even thankful for that.

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Re: benelli lack of support

Wish you all the luck AL, don't want to sound too negative but i've had enough completely & havn't even got my bike back yet. came to my senses & gone back to japs again, getting a gsxr750k6 to play on for a while. services at a respectable cost as the insurance & accessories. Good luck though on your quest i wish you well !!


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Re: benelli lack of support

Any chance you guys can get a delegation together, and hand deliver our individual, written requests for support?

I reckon that the factory would have to take notice if 500 written submissions landed in the appropriate hands.

The impact wouldn't be so great if there were only 20 though.

Perhaps a pole should be started - "Have you ever had to wait more than 6 weeks for a Benelli part?" Yes / No

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I am still waiting to find out about my two keys which come on the rubber attached bits. They have the key number on them and without those I can't order a spare key should mine get lost. Asked the question a year ago about finding out what my key number is and keep asking every 2 to 4 weeks but no response from Benelli or KJM. Actually, Benelli keeps defering to KJM and says I have to work thru the dealer. I would be more than happy to send a letter along to help withthe impact. I think what would be a great idea is for all the letters to be given to one person and hand carried to the Benelli meet in Misano. That way they would be 1000% sure to get the information and in front of sponsers and racers. Not sure if you guys knew that but the Misano weekend was set up for mainly dealers and sponsers for racing. I am not sure who will be there but the racing bit has my interest peaked.

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Re: Customer Service

Started a Poll as suggested Engenia

To make our 'comments' to Benelli more focused, it might be worth running a series of Polls on specific topics :-

Supply of replacement parts (already started)
Reliability Issues
Provision of Information/Correspondence
Dealer Support
General satisfaction/dis-satisfaction (i.e. would you buy another one)
etc, etc,.

The results could then be incorporated into our correspondence which would help to rank the areas that need attending to.

This might be more helpfull and constructive at the end of the day than taking the 'winging' letter route.

What do you think guy's????????

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I don't think polls will mean jack shite to them. I think the best way is a letter with your name on it stating that you're specific situation will be better. Sate the things you like, the things you don't, and most importantly, state the resolution you would like to see. Lets then send them along with someone that is going to Misano for the Benelli meeting at the end of Sept.

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Re: service

Hi all,

Received today from the factory an answer to my e-mail complaining about local dealership and Austrian importer that said I should contact the local dealership or the importer. :lol 0] :evil :eek :\ I am not sure how would have you reacted.

Thus I would advise you not to loose your time and if you have connections send your comments to the motorpress.

I have activated the "read confirmation" function of the e-mail and not received one confirmation out of four, yet the comercial director answered my e-mail without confirming reading my e-mail. To do that you must choose NOT to confirm reading the message and I will ask you what interest would you have, if you are the factory and preoccupied about doing things better, to disregard complaints or live in denial.

However, I will do what I have to do and I am sure you will do what will fit you best.

It is such a shame that such a great potential product is designed to prematurely die because of miserable support.

I think the potential buyers have the right to learn that.

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letter to press

dear al,
i think your idea of a letter to the motorcycle press is the way to go as any other route seems to be doomed to failure because of lack of interest / poor customer care from Benelli....even at the highest level as mentioned about actually ringing up MCN and asking if they would do an article on all the problems and lack of customer care and also a photo opportunity with all the disgruntled owners with their bikes.....this might make someone sit up and listen....especially with the new model coming out......what do you think!!!!!!!!
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