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Okay, here's the SP.

I've handed my bike back and I'm waiting on the outcome of my solicitors work which will result in either a replacement bike or a refund.

My dilema is this:
If I take the cash what do I buy ?
1) Mille Factory - don't like the riding position
2) 999r - don't like the riding position or looks
3) MV1000 - maybe
4) FP1 - A new 900cc tripple, Ground Hog Day !!

. . .I always come back to the Tornado.
Please, will someone tell me that their bike has had no problems that's covered a few thousand miles.

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Does anyone have a good Tornado ? What about the LE ?

Thought you now had a 996 ? Looking to trade on aready ?

Spoke to dealer again yesterday and clutch mod is "still several weeks away"

Looks like no-one is going to have a 100% good Tornado in the near future.

But apart from the clutch and stalling at / coming to a standstill I've had no other major issues to date.

Check out the MCN website - there is a Swiss guy there with a deposit and delivery date for a Tornado RS - perhaps you should have a word with him...

Success !

Additional question - Does anyone know if the LE dry clutch works OK ?

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We remapped the LE and converted the clucth from cable operated to Hydraulic. It cured the clutch problem .
Our bike does not cut out or have a flat spot
We did not address the high fuel consumption
But there is a design flaw in the computor as it will not hold its memory that is programmed into it.

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Actually Benelli factory give new injection maps. I've tried the bike before and after and I can say that's 2 worlds. Before the Tornado was quite like my F4...not much..

Now engine is pulling strong from 3000 rpm to 11000 rpm...GREAT :eek

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Best bike to purchase

How about the best bike ever made?

A 1999 Laverda 750 Formula. More rare than even most other maker's "Limited Editions", better handling than EVERYTHING else on the road and lighter than all else too.


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Re: Best bike to purchase

Hi all,

BOK > Yeh the 996 is great, but not really what I wanted to begin with.

Crimson > You have the 'I've just picked my bike up and feel great' syndrome. Let us know how it goes in a couple of months when it starts to fall apart. 2 other Tornado owners and I tested the MV750 against the Tornado here in the UK. The MV won every power test we could through at it, even a top gear roll-on which you would expect the Tornado to win.

Quad > I agree, the Laverda 750 looks great - especially in orange.

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Best bike to purchase MV 908 !

We designed and developed an engine kit for the MV. It is 908cc.and produces 145 rwhp and has 68ft lbs of torque.
The power comes in at 2500rpm and is linear all the way up to 13500rpm in any gear.
Roll on speed is mind blowing in any gear, You should ride Casoli's MV
A police radar gun at the airport recorded 187 mph on our MV as it passed the police car and it was still accelerating.
The bike is a missile, its been tested in MCN, Superbike, and another topline brit mag. They all gave it fantastic reviews.

This BIKE will hold its own against any Jap Superbike.

RIDE THE MV. It will BLOW you away.

My point is had Merloni not screwed us, the Benelli owners would have benefitted greatly by our expertise in the developement on the Tornado.
As I stated previously with all the R & D that we have done on the Benelli.
We have a 1000cc 150 rwhp and a nice updated clutch neutral.
Things to do ECU and fuel consumption.
We were nearly there.
With that type of perfomance you could live with GSXR, RI, ZX10, CBR,

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Re: Best bike to purchase MV 908 !

Woaow Andrew you're not without to remind me another "I'm the best engineer and rider ever"...that was on the MV forum. He tries always to sell his ugly carbon wheels...these were of the same brand as those you are importing in US. His name ??? Phil Read...not a bad guy but with something very relucant...always trying to sell his bests of alls products. Even so special that MV Agusta Motor has write something in this forum to explain that Mr Read hasn't any relationship with the factory...

Andrew, very interesting to ear that your MV is able to reach the real top speed of 310 kmph (read it as well in Italian Bikes) and put out more than 140 rwbhp...I can perhaps give you an advise with the money used to import the "shitting Benelli" you have better to take 4 MVs 908 and goes to world SBK, with such wonderfull performances you will certainly become WSBK champions very soon...

Eubank > I know very well the F4 (mine has 38'000 km) and have tested loads of bike (was working for Yoshimura swiss importer) word that with only the right injection map the Tornado is able to overtake the F4 without problem...ok if there is a GSXR1000 they blow them easy...but you are free to go and buy this one...and you will no more suffer of these bloody italian bikes...

Aprilia RSV1000R is a great bike too...I love this bike since I have tried one the first time...and that's quite a Benelli, frames are made in the same place as the Tornado in the factory of Benelli Tecnomeccanica (despite the name there is no link between the bike factory and frame factory but both are situated in Pesaro).

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Re: Best bike to purchase MV 908 !

Hi Crimson,

No amount of re-mapping will give the Tornado the extra 15rwbhp it would need to pass an MV - believe me.

I don't understand why you think it's such a good bike on the strength of a test ride and factory visit !?!, as I said when you've had the 'Benelli Experiance' for a few months feel free to give me a full report on how you get on with it.

It's not a question on having a "bloody italian bikes" but having a bike that is not a liability on the road.
If the Tornado is as good as you say it is why are owners (Europe wide) handing them back and why is the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency investigating the safety issues on them - please take your Benelli sun-glasses of for a min or two and look around you.

To my knowledge, I can't remember reading a single positive post on the Tornado - if you've paid thousands of euros for the Tornado RS after reading this forum then you need to book an appointment with your psycologist ;) .


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There is nothing to be gained by throwing insults at Phil Read Dymag or anyone else.

Eubank posted his view after testing both bikes. In his opinion the MV came out better than the Tornado.
At least its not dangerous.
Never mind about your flipant comments on MV and WSB .
This Forum is for Benelli owners to band TOGETHER. In the hope that someone can knock some sense into Andrea Merloni.
The facts are that the Benelli has very serious safety issues mechanical and electrical.
Nothing is being done to rectify these issues in a timely manner.
There is as very complacent attitude by Benelli. The consumer deserves the right to be sold a product that is safe.
Many people world wide are very unhappy they have spent a lot of hard earned money on what was supposed to be their dream bike. It has turned out to be a nightmare for them.
What is even worse is that they now have to take legal action to get their money back. Costing them even more money.
This is common business practise by Benelli. They just do not care.

If all of you guys stick together you will get something done. DON'T FORGET IT.

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OK I uderstand this forum is not "Benelli Forum" but "The trial of Andrew against Benelli Forum"....

I have no intention to stay here and read your relucant more than post my opinion, good or bad about my RS...

You are so egoists you don't even says something about my fotos or some things I've have posted this week...

Take care and Ciao

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We value all your information, posts and pics. It is fresh and gives us an point of view that is sadly lacking in this forum. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Please keep them coming. I personally am and still a big fan of the Tornado motorcycle despite some of the problems they have had and will buy one today if I can.

Just to clarify a few things. This site is not affiliated in anyway with Benelli or any other company or individual. We built this website as a way for all to share their opinions and problems. We are totally and completely independently run and funded. At this moment that also means that we don't make any money from it.

We have tried to keep this forum unmoderated with minimum involvement as in our experience with other forums, the free exchange of ideas is the best way to nurture a new community.

However, this thread and your post has concerned us as several parties have chosen to turn this into a personal battlefield. That is not to our interest as we did not build this forum so that any one individual(s) can destroy it by using it for their own personal attacks. We are fully aware of the problems that the brand has had and with some disgruntled owners, but I ask those individuals to respect the other members who may not have the same experiences as you may have had. Constructive and informative posts are welcome, flames and direct attacks will not be tolerated.

I will post this again as a sticky to say that from this time on, any comments directed against individuals or companies that we deem as flaming or personal and unwarranted, the posts will be deleted and the poster banned.

I am sorry but that is the final word. I have put too much effort on this site to have it run down.

Benelliforum Administrator

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Here here!


Ditto that! Keep the posts coming! I'm very interested to hear about what your experiences will be with the RS. I'm a Laverda fanatic and my bikes get ripped on all the time by people and it just makes me love them all the more! YOu have to stand up to such adversity because in the end all it does is make your ride just that much more unique and cherrished!!!!:lol

Unfortunatly as I am in the States I cannot purchase a Benelli but if they were available you had better believe that I would have one! I embrace the 'problems' as obstacles to overcome and just more of a chance to become more intimate with my bike! >D

Please keep us informed about your bike!

And as far as forums go, the reason that they are so great is that so many different opinions from around the world representing many different cultures give them such color and depth. It is important to remember to contain all posts within a tame and toned down atmosphere so that all opinions can be expressed on an even level, but all feelings concerning the forum topic must be posted in order to have a well rounded and blossoming forum.

Keep 'em coming!!!!!!!


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Re: Here here!

Ok I totally agree !!! the way you are speaking about your Laverda is exactly what I have experienced with my F4 but I love so mutch this bike I want to buy another one to race it.

Ducati Clud de France organize every year à short 8 hours endurance race and I will race the F4 for fun over there. The RS will be my new bike for the road.

6 years ago I was near to buy the 750 you remember the beautifull 750 Cup ??? the one with twin sided exhausts and R6 lookalike carbon fairing...

I love exotic bikes and the Tornado RS is one :smokin

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Re: Here here!

:) Good to see some sense at last.
I have just completed my first 1270 miles on my new Biposto.
Good Points
1) Great Handling
2) Better power than my rrw blade
3) Quality finish and build standards
4) Looks fantastic
5) Sweet gearbox up and down the box(aside of the neutral selection)
6) Induction roar and exhaust note enhance the experience
Bad Points
1) Neutral selection (awaiting warranty mod at 5,000km service)
2) Fuel consumption (this will improve as it beds in)

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Re: Here here!

That's great the green/silver one looks good....and from where are you ???

Do you have any option on your bike ... double bubble screen is realy a good one...
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