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Engine Debree from Cam Chain Tensioner

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You have probably read my post "Trouble in Paradise" about the destroyed Cam Chain Tensioner that self distructed at 444 miles. I am now about to present my warranty claim to Benelli. With so much debree in the motor I think I should be requesting at new engine. It may be possiable to flush the motor and achieve success, however I'm concerned that there could be other problems down the line if we are not successful in cleaning out all the debree. What are your suggestions, and how should I present this to Benelli?

Capt. Commando
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Engine damage

The first place to look to see if debris has damaged the engine is to remove the clutch basket then slide the oil pump rotors out. The oil goes through the oil pump before it goes through the oil filter. If debris goes through the oil pump it will badly score the crankcases causing a drop in oil pressure. The only way is to replace the crankcases...... might as well do the whole engine with the cost of the cases & labour.
Engine Debree


Thanks for the responce. Furthur investigation reveiled scored oil pump, and even worse, bearing debree in the bottom end. The motor is indeed "Toast!" Now we will see how Benelli handles this, particularly in a country with no dealers. Hoping for the best!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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