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:hat Hello again,

I have had quite a bit of interest on the exhaust hangers, could all that have enquired please confirm whether you want me to order on your behalf or not as I do not want to A) Mess the guy around, B) Be out of pocket.

To confirm the costs again,

Exhaust brackets £40.00 USA $76.00
Postage UK £5.00 Postage USA $19.00

I have not heard from the guy regarding the crash bobbins and preload adjusters. I will get in contact with him again.

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Hey Lloyd

Any chance your guy can have a look at producing a tail tidy???

One with holes for bungees on would be cool

Just in case you didn't have enough to chase him about already


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Exhaust Hangers

:hat Hi again,

A number of you expressed an interest in purchasing an exhaust hanger for you bikes. I initially had a lot of interest in them and notified the manufacturer accordingly, also the price was in my opinion is very reasonable, is there a reason interest has dropped?

If you want one, please let me know. I hope to collect mine and Wyndham's next week so if you want one please let me know.

I have asked him about Tail Tidies, Crash Bobbins ect and am still awaiting an email from him.

PS. I have not marked them up, what you pay is what I pay, plus postage.

£40.00 + £5.00 postage

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Re: Exhaust Hangers

Hi Lloyd,
I got your email about the hangers and I was wondering if you've collected yours yet? I wouldn't mind seeing what they look like on the bike as they are a wee bit shiney and I'm wondering if they would look out of place when fitted:\


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Exhaust hangers

Hi Big Bad Al,

I have asked that the hangers are finished off matt as I wanted it to work with the rest of the bike. I hope to collect mine sometime this week, as soon as I have it I will photograph it and put on the forum. (Although last time I had trouble posting!)

I will also speak to the manufacturer regarding other products he is making for the Tre as he was suppost to be sending me photos of Crash Bobbins and Pre Load Adjusters.

As they say "Watch this space!":D

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Re: Exhaust hangers

I have asked that the hangers are finished off matt as I wanted it to work with the rest of the bike.
Nice one Lloyd;) If that's the case then expect a cheeky wee order for those babies from me in the very very near future:b


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Hi Tornado Tre, see my post on page 2 on 16.8.06 (8.16.06). There is a picture of them there. They will not be bright as I have asked for them to be matt to go with the bike. ;)

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Good news, I am to collect the Hangers on Saturday 2.9.06, also getting pics and info on the Preload Adjusters and Crash bobbins.

For all you RS owners, I can get the Hangers black anodised for another £5.00 which will mean a total cost of £50.00 including postage!

I have also enquired about Tail Tidies and the guy informs me that he is looking into making some, watch this space!!!

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Exhaust Hangers & other parts.

Hello again, as promised here are pictures of the Exhaust Hangers, Preload Adjusters and Crash Bobbins. Also pics of the hanger fitted to my bike. The hangers come complete with 3 aluminium Allen bolts .The quality is good and the prices are reasonable too. The only thing I can say is that you will need to file the end of the bolt thatholds the exhaust on as it is slightly proud of the mount (see pic) or alternatively you could add a washer to take up the excess.

The prices are:-

Crash bobbins Front £45.00, Rear £40.00. Complete set £80.00.
Preload Adjusters £17.50 per pair. (Any colour)
Exhaust Hangers £40.00

The hangers can be anodised black for all you RS owners at £5.00 extra and all the above prices will need to add postage.

I hope these pictures come out as I have hosted them on another server as I do not know how to put them onto the Forum.

Hope they are what you guy's want, I am happy with the gear. :D
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