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Anyone had the experience of a massive coolant overflow from the expansion tank in stop 'n' go traffic?

Yesterday while coming home from a canyon ride, at a stop light, all of a sudden I smell coolant, looked down, saw coolant puring out from under the bike. After a close look:
(1) the expansion tank was nearly empty,
(2) there are no sign of coolant near any parts of the cooling circuit... water pump, raditor tubes... all seemed clean.
(3) there seemed to be some "activities" in the overflow tube as lots of water mark and condensation appeared on the inside of the tube
(4) added about 14 fl oz. of distilled water to bring coolant level back to the minimum marking on the expansion tank.
(5) there seemed to be quite a bit of air in the cooling circuit, as I squeeze the tubes lots of bubble came up.

Hope this out pouring of coolant is "normal" when engine temparture reached over 100 degrees. It surprised me with the amount of coolant leaked out... Thanks in advance for your help/comments...


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Toby, the other day I was in a charity run here in Perth, due to the amount of time it took to line up etc the RS was getting "rather warm" to say the least, say about 5 minutes with the temp gauge arm pegged to the max point and 15 minutes to 20 with it in the red, finally when the mob gets moving up to about 40 KPH the gauge dropped down to the normal halfway point, now most of the time I'm thinking "@#%$, @#%$, @#%$" @#%$ better not sieze", I almost pulled over but i realised i needed to be movingto get it cooler. Repeat entire process at end of ride trying to assemble in the parking area. I had no coolant coming out once i finally stopped, got home later that day and let her cool down, next morning checked the coolant, added aboult 50 to 100ml, about 2 to 3 double shots worth ( I dont know this ancient fl ounces you speak off :rollin ), Mind you i did the whole lean the bike over in the garage to it almost touched the floor and repeat the other side to draw all the air to the top cap and top up. this was with an ambient air temp of about 22 C (Not this F crap ), I 'll keep you all posted on how it handles 45 C Perth summer days. :smokin

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Re: coolant

Aussievtr... Don't you know only in America one would find men with 12 digits on their hands who speak of fahrenheit, measure in increments of 16 and comput in multiples of 1024?

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Guy's, on base model TRE's and RS's, always keep the expansion tank empty and make sure you bleed the system in the many times already described manor. Once the system is bled correctly, the first time the bike heats up, you will lose a small amount out the expansion tank breather (do not re top up the coolant) but after that you will be okay.

Make sure you have the 1.4 radiator cap with the 25mm diameter rubber sealing washer.

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:eek Guess I should prepare myself to watch out for this? Toby, did Evoluzione prep your bike? They're prepping mine, probably next week, then it will get trucked up to northern CA to my house. Of course, I can't ride (or even sit on it) for another few weeks until I've recovered from the surgery I had on Tuesday. :(

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Just a quick note to support Johnny O's posting. Learnt from several embarassing "vanishing-in steam" incidents at track days not to refill the expansion tank if it "just boils over". Let the system settle to it's own level, it stops all the boiling over bollox.

Be careful though that the boiling over isn't down to something more serious. Wouldn't want you to blow anything up....:eek

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Mark, honestly, I don't know who prepped my bike. Evoluzione fitted the clutch conversion kit and brake lever. And Ken did an excellent quick turn around on that (I picked up my bike from GPStar and trucked it up to Ken to fit the kit, he also put in a new battery for me.)

Well, I also wouldn't know what to tell you as to what to expect of the Tre... it's not a Honda or Yamaha. So far, I've ecountered pretty much all of the everyday problems you've read in this forum:

- dead battery, change the stock junk battery out! mine died within the first hour. I'm sure if Ken's prepping your bike, he will change it out for you.
- problem shiftting from 4th to 3rd. My clutch could get sticky when hot. Also chain would "derail" from downshifting... this could be attributed to:
- rear tire alignment was way off. After correcting this it hasn't derailed...
- sign of coolant leak from the front core plug
- massive overflow from expansion tank
- instrument panel acting up so the bike wouldn't start. This happened only once. Also, you have to be really careful not to start the bike when you first turn the key, wait for all gauages to properly cycle through before you hit the e-start button.
- one of the blue LED backlight on my instrument panel is dead... that's okay though 'cause I rarely look at it.
- lost fasteners (lost a couple on my way back from GPStar... I should've trucked it back to my garage for inspection first.)
- the cable for the speed sensor became loose, rubbed against the rare tire and worned out to have the copper wiring exposed... fix it with zip tie.
- check your front suspension setting. Mine wasn't even (rebound) from factory.

Well, this is, I think, all I've encountered so far... and I have only taken it out 7 times, 510 miles... but compared to some of the other horror stories I've read in this forum, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

BoK, Thanks for the tip... I was wondering about the same thing after reading JohnnyO's posting... seems like he's unconventional and yet right about everything :D

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Need to ask, what is clutch conversion kit?

Mine tre is bought 2005, obviously it is 2004 version 1.
I dont know what this version means.

4500 kms now, with well known problems:
- clock and trip resets some times when starting engine.
- neutral problem.
- when accelerating hard, changing from 2. to 3. dificult, feels like transmission jam.
- changing from 2. to 1. rear wheel locks and engine off, this has happend two times.

No other problems.
Mine expansion tank is empty :p , radiator cap sealent is 25 mm.


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Re: cluch kit

OK, so it is not from factory, no warranty repair :lol

DOES IT WORK ????????

w: Pekka

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Re: cluch kit

it makes shifting out of 1st gear possible while the bike is standing still. The clutch lever is also not as stiff as the stock set-up. It looks pretty cool, too.

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Re: cluch kit

I recently installed a similar clutch slave cylinder on my Bimota DB4 (Ducati 900ss engine) and it is so much better than the stock slave cylinder. Easier pull on the lever, much smoother operation. Evoluzione makes high-quality components.

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Re: cluch kit

I just look Evoluzione web pages. Couldnt order the gold version for tre 2004, only black (for 2003 LE). Sent email them asking if it fits to my tre.
I assume that only difference between those two versions is the color of the pilot clutch lever?

No problem to me, I can change the pilot brake lever to black.
Now waiting for an answer from Evoluzione.

W: Pekka
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