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Before you post or link to a map, please make sure you identify it clearly in the subject of the post. Also, please check if the map you are linking to has not already been posted before. Which takes us back to making sure you identify the map correctly in the Subject header in the first place! :D

It would also be really helpful if you could provide a brief description about it and any particular information that may be useful to the person downloading it.

The rest is common sense.

If you would like us to host the map please email us at: [email protected] and make sure you zip the file as some email programs may corrupt raw files.

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I'll bring in my tuneboy cd tomorrow and email you the tre tunes plus respective details
they are 2 x LE tunes
one early USA tune, now replaced with the 6033 I believe
tre lastest stock set up tune 6033
tre with race can 6034
modified german importer tune for tre

RS tunes
race can RS 6105

And I'll grab the stock TnT map from the power commander web page

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maps, who where why

Okay Ive sent them to Roland and this is what I have on the tuneboy sent to me from Wayne at Tuneboy and from the Power Commander site. Please note the WM (wayne Mcdonald from Tuneboy) maps are modded Factory maps and may void your warranty. I'm not sure about the german impoter map that tuneboy does??, If FiBlues has this map and any missing can they send it to Roland.

Standard Tre Tornado
6012tune.dat = 1st map for standard tre.

6012TuneWM.dat = This has been modified to have a higher rev limit and richer fuel mix at the lower throttle positons. Ignition advance has been added at high revs, low throttle to try and stop popping.

6033TuneM26s13.dat = I'm not sure if this is a factory map to replace the original 6012 map or is a TuneBoy modded map?

Limited Editon Tornadoes (please note that lastest series maps for the Standard Tre should be better than these early LE maps as the bikes same exactly the same engine barring the dry clutch fitted to the LE bikes.

6007_X10Tune.dat = This is the base 6007 tune as shipped with the series 1 limited production Tornado.
This tune has had the last fuel map zone moved from 12001 to 12500 to allow
fuel to be adjusted past the normal 12100 rev limit
This tune is mapped for the standard pipe.
(suspect this is a modded stock map)

6007_X13Tunedat = This is the base 6007 tune as shipped with the series 1 limited production Tornado.
This tune has had the last fuel map zone moved from 12001 to 12500 to allow
fuel to be adjusted past the normal 12100 rev limit
Mapped for the sports pipe.
(suspect this is a modded stock map)

6011Tune.dat = This tune was extracted from the Tornado sent to the USA
for EPA testing, (before it all went to crap for the USA :)), now they have the 6033 map I believe.

RS900 Tornado maps.

6103Tune.dat = First (and only) factory map for the RS Tornado with stock can.

6105Tune.dat = First (and only) factory map for the RS Tornado with the Benelli sport (Arrow) Titanium race can. (with the baffle removed I suspect.)

TnT maps as downloaded from the Power Commander web site.

M726-000.djm = zero map, buggered if i know what this means, a blank map maybe, I havent sent this to Roland unitl i clarify what it is exactly.

M726.501.djm = 2005 Benelli Tnt 1130 European Model.
Stock exhaust.
Stock Airbox.
Map made in TnT mode (I take it this means the tune is when the power power is on.

I dont have a 04 TnT map nor a 05 map with the power button off.

Missing are i think a 6034 which is the lastest factory standard tre & LE map with the Benelli sport can fitted and this german importer modified map which I'm not sure is a 6033 or 6034 map ( ie, improved map for a tre with or without the race exhaust fitted.)

Hope this is all clear to everyone.

Also I'm not sure if tuneboy map can be loaded into a power commander, I think a pc trim map is the same a the tuneboy trim map, but i will have to check with tuneboy on that. but power commander map can be loaded with tuneboy and the tuneboy trim maps work exaclty as a pc does, although with tuneboy you can load into exact fuel amount as opposed to a fuel / air % which is from what I understand how pc maps are created.


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Re: maps, who where why

Dont have a PC yet , but thanks for the effort anyway, this forum seems to be getting better all the time.:)

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Re: maps sent

Hey Nathan,
Have not received them yet. How strange! Are they really big files that your service provider may be blocking them?

How about FTP? Can you do that? If you can, just email me so that I can send you FTP info.


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our server can handle massive files, Ive sent them again unzipped as this may be better

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Re: maps

I don't think it's your server as mail goes through several different servers, including my ISP's so it may not get through.
Out of curiousity, how large are the attachments? I have not received any email from you.

Oh never mind, I just found out that the hosting company had changed email service and my email has been down for a while. Sheesh!! No warnings from them either. Could you please resend to:

[email protected]

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Will do Roland

each file is about 500 Kb, I'm at uni at the moment, will send on files in about 2 hours once I get back to work.

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Re: maps sent

Cool!. Email sent with urls to the files. They are zipped and ready to go. See sticky thread.
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