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FAQ Regarding Posting

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Welcome to our forum. We have enabled posting of messages without registration, but we expect that you will use this forum responsibly. This is a not-for-profit site that is built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We are not affiliated with Benelli Spa or with any other entity doing business with or for Benelli Spa.

The rules are simple:
-no flaming
-no copyrighted or confidential material without the express permissions of their owners
-no advertising of products and services without permission

Regarding Posting Images:
Option 1:
You will have to have the pictures hosted somewhere before you can post them in this forum. Make sure you click the ezcodes button in the posting form. See this link on how to include a link to your image in the message- ezCode Instructions
Option 2:
You email them to me and I'll upload them to our server and post them up for you. Send your images to: [email protected]

That's all!! Enjoy your stay! Come back often and post lots of messages!

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hello everybody

Deleted..SPAM. User banned forever! - Admin
What does one do when his post is in moderator limbo and hasn't been approved in 4 days? :)

cmon moderator let this lad in he has some decent skills that the rest of us wanna share......and whats with this new better?????????website we got going on here
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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