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Have just completed 1500 miles, observations so far:-

First service - I was warned by the dealer it could cost £400, but it was "only" £200, so not too bad.

The front part of the LH mirror mount where it fits against the fairing broke off. The dealer changed it under warranty.

Fuelling is rough at about 4000 rpm, still the same after the service. The solution seems simple, always stay above 4000 rpm!

The clock and trip has reset itself a couple of times.

My dealer lowered the pre-load/forks by about 10 mm due to my lack of leg length. The handling seems OK, but feels a little wallowy. Any suggestions?

The above caused the usual side stand problem, but they ground a little away from the stand mount (I think)and it is now improved.

The initial thirst for fuel seems to have moderated a little. I now get around 100 miles before the warning comes on.

This is without doubt, the best (and loudest) sounding bike on a standard can I've ever had. Not the fastest, but certainly the most interesting and crowd pulling!

Does anyone know where I can get the carbon fibre bits from?
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