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So I was finally able to take my LE for a spin down to work today! A few impressions...

This 5k rpm break-in limit is KILLING me! The bike will barely run under 3k (stutters and lurches) - as it swings through 4k it smooths out and starts pulling nicely, just in time to shut off the fun as I hit 5k. :bawl:

The seat is VERY slippery. Maybe it's all the waxing I've been doing while I was waiting for the rain to stop ;) But seriously, I have a hard time staying planted. Granted I was wearing cordura instead of leather which is more slippery but it seems like my legs are gripping the fairing more than the tank - not sure if this is an LE thing. I'm definitely going to have to add stomp grid pads to the race plastic.

On the freeway the temp stayed right at 80 but as soon as I slowed for some traffic the temp jumped to 95 VERY quickly. Once I got going again it cooled down but I've never seen a temp gauge move that quickly.

But overall I'm quite happy. :clap: Can't wait to get her out on the track (headed to Laguna Seca on 11/20). I'll get some pics up early next week.
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