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Now that I've had the Tre for a month and 1,000 miles, I thought it may be helpful to jot down first impressions. Just in case somebody out there is thinking of buying one..

Context - had an Aprilia Mille for the last three years, so most coments are compared to that.

:D Good things:
First bike I've had for years that people stare at and make comment.
Lovely noise, (I have a weakness for triples).
Front weight bias makes for a planted feel to the front end.

:| Irritating things
Mirrors would be fine if they just adjusted a fraction further - I'll look into modifying them sometime.
Fuel tank range is irritating- around 100 miles to reserve. According to the book, reserve is 5li - experimented to date got to 130 miles, no probs, will keep pushing it to find the "true" range.
Temp gauge sometimes winds up into the red -gauge fault, not really that hot!
Clock and trip meter have occasionally reset to zero, only happened once so far, so not too bothered.
Comfort - what do I expect from buying a bike with only vestigial padding? Still haven't found anybody daft enough to try the pilion perch. Worse than my KTM 640!

>: Bad things
When I picked the bike up, the slipper clutch operation was horribly intrusive, and I had to do some machining to make it bearable. I guess most folk would not be happy taking bits of their new bike and milling metal from it it the first week of ownership. Would (could?) a main dealer fix this?

;) Other stuff
You should know I only bought this cause it was cheap!
Performance isn't as lively as the Aprilia, but hey, it's fast enough for now.
I've had no problems from Three Cross - salesman warned me they have faults, can't say fairer than that. Only minor gripe is that the chain was a bit too tight after first service. First service cost was very reasonable.

All in all, very glad I bought it - recommend it to anyone, so long as you're not expecting Honda reliability (not forgetting they have their share of faults) . I personally don't like the blandness of some Japanese offerings so the Benelli is great for me.

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Mirrors irritated me too, so I talked to JohnnyO. He bent the aluminium tubes that support the mirrors (and the fairing). When I got the nerve up, I did the same to mine. I lifted the top of the tube by about 25mm. I can now see out of the mirrors, but the fairing doesn't fit quite as easily, so don't go beyond 25mm, or it will be even more difficult.

My temp guage went ballistic one day. Scared the hell out of me. I suspect that it was a dodgy connection. It hasn't done it again.

While on the subject of wiring. Check out where the main loom sits, under the seat. Mine was right on the edge of the ECU bracket. The bracket wasn't deburred, and it cut through the loom, melting a couple of wires and taking out a fuse. Things got quiet - and dark! So CHECK it.

Clock & trip meter - I'm working on it. See the "resetting clocks" post.

Fuel mileage - I've had 50mpg (17.8kpl) out of mine, on a highway cruising at a steady 130kph. That equates to 320km on a tank. I generally get 35 mpg around town.

My seat fits me great, but I took the missus for a ride (once) and she spent most of the time on the section between the seats! It's not meant for riding two up.

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Temp gauge, I suspect, is due to the stepper motor "forgetting" where zero is - turning ignition off and on again clearly shows it sweeping the wrong range. A few more off/on cycles sees it creep back to the correct range. (Thanks, Johnny!) Scared me first time too!

Thanks for the tips on deburring under the seat, will check later - also the mirror mounts (that's the kind of thing I was thinking of doing, when I get around to it..)

Not all that bothered about the clocks resetting - most of my bikes never had such luxuries anyhow. A fix would be nice though, but it's only done it once.

I forgot to mention the dragging clutch, again, I'm used to riding old nails (ex classic racer) so tend to work around issues like that, small price to pay. Out of interest, when I clocked it up, the pressure plate wasn't flat anyhow, so that doesn't help. Anybody know if it's anodised? I didn't machine it flat just in case.

I got 39mpg when I filled up on Sat, but that includes a mix of "sprited" riding among the running-in cruising speed. (The fuel range gripe is only in comparison to the Mille, which has a bigger tank) 50 mpg at 80mph sounds like touring is going to be ok.
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