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There I was propping up at tyre wall at East Fortune today when a voice asked where I had got my Benelli cap from. Clearly I thought I had been recognised as a style icon and but the words 'cos you must have got it from me' followed!

So -- I can now assure you all that Laurence :bow: is not merely a presence in cyberspace but a real green and silver person!

Sadly I had to dash off to start my race* so didn't have a much chance to chat. Noise of the mini twins made it difficult too.

Roll on the Scottish Benelli gathering .. if the weather is as good as it was today we'll have an epic. :D

* as a 'factory rider' today .. just had to turn up a ride someone elses' bike .. pity I didn't find out it had an extra gear until the second last lap :doh: Will take until next season at least to live that one down.

For goodness sake .. 6 speed boxes in early stocks .. shouldn't be allowed (reason no 48 from Michael's book of racing excuses).:)

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